June 2, 2011


My friend Jolene, my fellow Tonganoxie High School and University of Kansas (School of Business) alum,  passed away tonight and now, there is a 3.5 year old girl who will never hug her mother again.

I don't think I can add much more to that sentence.

Oh sure.... I could try, but it would simply all dissolve into a weepy, self-serving emotional sludge.

I am not sure if there will be a funeral yet, I have mixed feelings on that.  Jolene did not want us to make a big fuss over her, that was not in her nature.  I respect that.  However, there is something comforting in saying goodbye. But, also? Funerals in Vegas?  The Worst.  It is difficult to explain the juxtaposition of being on a plane full of folks with high expectations of partying and gambling in contrast to one's own sadness and grief.  I have already done that once, for my grandpa in 1999.  But I will do it again, if given the chance.

In a heartbeat.

I am taking the next week off from writing here. I am going to regroup and come back with pithy posts about my kids, my latest Kindle obsession and something particularly gross for Friday's Intestinal Fortitude.

This will also be the last time I talk of Jolene's death - anything more and I tread into mawkish, narcissistic territory that smacks of self-serving.  Instead, I am writing my memories of Jolene into a Word document that at some point, I will pass along to her husband.  Memories that perhaps, her daughter will be interested in someday.

I am closing comments on this post.  Instead of commenting,  I would rather folks spend their time doing something kind - paying someone's parking meter, holding the door open for the person behind them, paying for the coffee for the person next in the line.

And most importantly, giving loved ones hugs.  Lots and lots of hugs.

Please, do something kind today and don't do it randomly.

Make it full of purpose.