March 8, 2011

Take It Back

Pink Floyd, The Division Bell 1994

Last week, I received some bad news - someone told me she would no longer be needing my friendship services.  And unlike last year, when I had a few friendships hop aboard an outbound train, this is a friend I will actually miss. So, I drowned my sorrows at the Estee Lauder counter at Nordstrom's and then for good measure, went to Sephora.  Gentle Reader, you can keep your pints of ice cream.  Nothing soothes my soul like costly tubes of mascara and pricey bottles of Philosophy's Amazing Grace bodywash.


In other bad news, I have had my first experience with a hate site - fortunately, a site with little traffic.  I have been referring to this venom as the site about White Girls and the Brown Boys Who Love Them.  Apparently, I am a "gori whore who likes to play dress-up."  Obviously, I have to cry foul on that notion.  It is simply ludicrous and I am not talking the black rapper kind.

I despise playing dress-up and everyone knows it.


And since bad news comes in triplicate, Manoj is between clients and will be working from home for the next month or so.

Cue the theme from Psycho set to the beat of the theme from Jaws with the Twilight Zone theme twinkling merrily in the background.

Long-time friends (the few who are left) and readers (all 3 of you) probably remember that this has been a "challenge" for us in the past.    At first, I was quite concerned.  However, I think it is going to work out, in the long run.  With my also "working from home" now, this means I can actually sneak out of the house and work from Starbucks since  I am FAR more productive as a WASM than a WAHM.

Admittedly, we did get off to a rocky start yesterday.  I went to Starbucks to work in the morning with the understanding that Manoj would drop Anjali off to school.  Unfortunately, Anjali is in her Truancy Phase and hates going to school (although, she seems to love it once she gets there.  Someone explain this? Please?) and as we have established, Cobra Daddy doesn't make our kids do shit.

In short, Anjali did not go to school yesterday.

After a disastrous first day, we are tweaking the schedule a bit whereby I do ALL drop-offs from now on.  Hey, I may be a Prairie Dog Mom, but at least I ensure they make it to school!


~ifer said...

It stinks when friends dismiss you like that. Making new ones isn't as easy as an adult, at least not for me. Well, I am still here, I might not comment very much, or even post in my own blog like I want to any more, but I am still reading. And I am sure that piece of information just cured all the woes of your world. ;)

kristen said...

WASM = Awesome. I popped over to the crazy site. I hate to give her the traffic but I was curious. WOW is all I can say.

Caleb went through a truancy phase right before Christmas. Fortunately he is a perfect subject for reverse psychology. When that wears off I'm screwed.

Christine said...

I saw the site, too. I couldn't even eke out any anger because the whole thing is just sad. That girl hates herself an awful lot (I saw the expose thing someone did on her). But I'm sorry for what she said.

Julia does that routine in the mornings, too. It did get bad for a while, where she would actually cry at drop off, and I would have to physically hand her to a teacher. Now she just wallows a bit while I'm there and snaps out of it as soon as I'm gone. If Paul does the drop off she doesn't pull this at all, so we know it's a game.

No advice. We just keep making her go.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

At first I was worried about being on such a site, then I read the site and saw how obviously lonely and sad she is.

Melanie said...

sorry about the friend, that is a real bummer.... hope Anjali will get out of the Truancy phase soon, my daughter and I were nearly late for toddler time at the library this morning, she is 2 1/2 and hated the shoes I picked, the shirt I picked and lets not get started on the epic battle that was "comb her hair" I swear i am *this* close to giving her a buzz haircut like her brother

Olivia said...

My daughter usually cries and whines about getting dressed in the morning, but I know she has an awesome time at daycare. Example: yesterday I asked if she went on the slide. Her response, "Slide. Weee!" *shrug* My guess is it's that whole "trouble with transistions" thing that a lot of wee people have.

luckyfatima said...

Well if you have to have an evil troll at least it is that crazy chick who no one would ever take seriously in a million years. I went back to Badbhabhi's comments just a few moments ago and found a linked youtube video of this lady, watched a minute of the vid---she is just absolutely insane. I feel embarrassed and sad for her, too. Just bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Well if you ever need someone to skulk around Lawrence with, you know I'm game! (Yes sir, we have no Sephora... We have no Sephora, TO-DAY!) Sorry about the troll.. but doesn't it legitimize you as a blogger, once someone goes through the trouble to be a troll to you?

Anywhoodle. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

8 readers at least. And we don't have a drop off problem, but our papa may have forgotten to pick up a time or two.....

Kelly said...

The friendship abandoner can jump in the lake.

I have to send tim A TEXT MESSAGE REMINDER at 8:15-8:30 if I'm still at the office that it is time to put the children to bed. One night I got home at 10 pm and they were still up watching a movie! Since he likes to stay up he doesn't see any reason for them not to, and he is the slowest person on the face of the planet about evertyhing, so my children are tired and grouchy.

All I can think of is taxes right now, but I hope your new gig is still going well and I hope you don't shove Manoj in the pantry for bothering you too much.

Unknown said...

Mrs. CPA are we married to the same person?