March 16, 2011

A New Machine (Part 1)

Pink Floyd, A Momentary Lapse of Reason 1987

Officially, every person in our household now has a computer.  Manoj happened across a small computer for free and he is rebuilding it over the weekend for Anjali.  Yes, we are Those People whose kids learn how to type their names before they can write them.  Judge amongst yourselves.

In other news, my Kindle hath taketh over.  Since Valentine's Day, I have read nearly 8 books, one of which was a heavy book made from heavy paper and oh my god, it was HEAVY.  And it took me forever to read that book because I actually had to carry it.  Did I mention the "heavy" part"?  Cramped hands.....paper cuts..... tragic

Furthermore, I am officially afflicted with KISS - Kindle Impulse Spending Syndrome.  There is no known cure other than a firm predilection for self-denial.  Ah, KISS!  Hop on over to the Kindle Store.  Find a book.  Click once and that book is Whisper-netted right to your device within seconds. Que magnifique!  Oh sure, this is Awesome when you are looking for something specific.  However, this is Not So Awesome when you are bored on a Friday night while enjoying a glass of wine (or two) (Stop with the judging.)  (I can HEAR  you.)

Additionally, KISS has a grave complication whereby the Kindle inexplicably allows you to read faster. I am reading even more books than before.   I have yet to solve this conundrum - does the Kindle transport me into some alternate reading universe where time wrinkles faster than my grandma??  Anyway, this time warp has gotten Tony Soprano Serious because effectively, it means I NEED MORE BOOKS. Now!  Before my Kindle gets all Marine Corp over my reading ass. Hurry! Hurry! Those books won't Whisper-net themselves, you idiot.

None of this was helped by the fact that I found a new author obsession on Saturday.  I read Dennis Lehane's Shutter Island over the weekend and am now on Mystic Island.  He also has a PI series that looks intriguing.  When I fire up the Kindle Store now, my modem yawns and says "You?  Again?"

In conclusion: I have officially Whisper-netted myself into what will surely be an interesting conversation with my husband when the next credit card statement arrives.


jodifur said...

I don't understand whisper net. Is he nook loud?

jodifur said...

Sorry for the typo. Stupid phone.

Christine said...


~ifer said...

I tell you the two things that have saved me...
1. Downloading the first chapter as a sample. I have ended up not getting several books because I didn't like the writing style, etc, and I found this out by downloading the sample first.
2. The free books. If you go to, and you sort "price high-to-low", there are hundreds of free books, a lot of them the classics, but also several that are new authors just putting their work out there. Also, you can find a lot on sale for $0.99.

In conclusion, I suffered this same disease and have come through to the other side.
This is why, when people talk about "I just can't give up real books for a Kindle", I tell them that they don't know what they are missing. It makes it so much easier to read, to read faster, and to open my horizons on choices.

Olivia said...

I've been convinced to buy a nook (just waiting for that tax refund) because I found out I can borrow books from the library. Well, my library isn't quite there yet, but they promise to be in a few months. Can the kindle borrow or is your library capable?

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

WhisperNet is the name of Amazon's "network" that gets the books to your device.

Mother's Day is coming up! Start hinting to your children NOW.

YES. That is GREAT advice!! I am also putting things in my Wishlist, that has helped as well.

The library lending thing was a consideration. The Kindle is not on board with that - the library system went with a technology that Kindle doesn't use. It was a hard choice, but ultimately, I preferred the e-ink technology of the Kindle over the backlit screen of the Nook.

Anjali said...

I LOVE my Kindle!

I was never able to read more than one book at a time until I got a Kindle. I think it has magical powers.

Olivia said...

Cagey, actually the original Nook has the e-ink technology, that's the one I plan to buy. It's the new color Nook that is backlit. But, I'm sure the kindle has other advantages. Either way, I'm happy to hear an avid reader like you hasn't missed going to an e-reader from paper books. It makes me more confident I will enjoy it, too.

Unknown said...

I wish I could borrow books from the library. Score one for the Nook! Even though I love my Kindle, it's pretty pricey to get books. I have to watch myself! The Sookie books add up!

I told my mom yesterday that I actually like reading on my Kindle more. She's a librarian so she said I was now dead to her. But it's true! No page to find, I can just set it down, bookmarkless. I agree with you, I read faster!