December 29, 2010

The Merry Xmas Song

Pink Floyd, 1975

Well, that was special.  Christmas 2010, I mean.  Quite simply, it was exhausting.   While I enjoyed.the holiday season, the actual days of festivities broke me.  I hosted back-to-back gatherings and I am rarely referred to as "grace under fire".    For example, I may have snipped a bit at my mom when I was searching for the perfect bowl and she pointed out a plastic bowl and I might have, possibly, snapped that I wanted Christmas to be nice and that we were going to eat out of nice dishes for a change.

It could be true I did that.  Maybe.

So.  Okay.  You get the picture now.

Thankfully, Santa stopped by, slipped through our house like a fucking ninja and saved the whole day.

Magic Reindeer Food, FTW!

Arun Man
The Ultimate Toy From Santa - Arun asked for this thing ALL YEAR LONG. 

Sing it!
Anju got screwed over by a reindeer.....
No....we didn't make her walk home on Christmas Eve. 

From Santa, poor girl had repeatedly requested a Princess Peach, a "disco star" and a remote-controlled cake.  I had NO idea what a "disco star" was, but discovered just the day before Christmas that she meant the Star power-up from Super Mario Bros. Oops. So, I got her a Madame Alexander doll thinking that was a such sweet, traditional thing to get from Santa.  Yeah.  Who was I trying to fool.  Anjali ignored the doll until Sunday night, tucked her into bed and promptly took off and has yet to check in to see if the doll is thirsty or in need of say, AFFECTION.  What sort of mother is THAT? 

Anyway.  I should have known about the Star power-up since I call that move the Disco Mario.  Huh.  I never figured out the remote-controlled cake, though. And yes, she noticed that Santa forgot to bring that as well.  I have T-minus 362 days to figure it out before next year.

Wooden Dolls on the Suburban Prairie
MUCH better.
THIS is what Santa should have brought her.

You say Ice Queen
I say Fashion Victim
Rita will chuckle at this snap since a good 75% of the outfit was cobbled together by hand-me-downs from her daughter.
Christmas Glow
I asked him if he was happy and this smile was his response.

Thanks for making it all worth it.

Both of you..

1 comment:

Amira said...

Looks like they had a grand ol' time!

I think that's what parent look forward to, right? All of that hustle and bustle to find just what their children want for Christmas, and stress to make the holidays a perfect memory all for the smiles and squeals of joy that faithful morning.

At least that what I envision is going on, since we don't celebrate Christmas in all...

Again, looks like they were all smiles :)