September 14, 2010

'Tis a flesh wound. No, really!

I am faithful about doctor and dentist appointments.  I do my checkups when they are supposed to be done and I do not put them off.  Ever.  Where I fail spectacularly is when I actually feel terrible.  I am not going to link to all of my past episodes of Medical D'oh!, but you can rest assured they are documented well.

This last round began just around Labor Day - it involves chest pains and shortness of breath.  Since I am still able to exercise and can even run a mile non-stop, I was fairly certain that I was not going to have a heart attack.  And since I am typing these very words, it seems I am still kicking (and screaming.)

I am 39 and am at the age where nearly every week involves some new ache or pain.  If I ran to the doctor at every sign of impending physical doom, I would be there at least monthly.  So, when I feel terrible, I put off the appointment as long as possible in suspended belief that I will just magically get better.

Damn it, am I the only one who plays Medical Martyr on this crap?  Am I the only one who puts off the doctor when they are sick?

Anyway, I finally broke down and called uncle -- I had my appointment today and my EKG came out okay (See!  I was right.)  We still do not know what is wrong, it still feels as if a rock is on my chest,  I am still short of breath.  But my ticker works fine, apparently.  And I am now the proud owner of a bottle of Alleve, which seems as useful as chomping down a bottle of Tic Tacs.  Something does not feel right, but I have to go through the motions and hope for the best.   This will probably be the last I mention of this and in the case of my demise, my friend Celeste has been named as my virtual next-of-kin, so you would hearing from her anyway.  Either way, you can breathe easy that you will not be subjected to any more of my adventures in real and imagined hypochondria.

In the meantime, I am going to throw out some snappage to lighten things up. At this point, I am tired of myself.

1st Day of School
I drop Anjali off at 10am, then go back to drop Arun off at 12:30pm, then go back to pick up Anjali at 2:00pm, then go back to pick Arun at 3:00pm.  I need a nap just after typing that hot mess of a schedule.

The Hazards of Co-Sleeping.
I fear one of those Kai-lan dolls is going to strangle me in my sleep.  Ni-hao, indeed.

Marching Band in Front of the House, yo.
A nearby junior high marches on my street every year to practice for the Old Settler's parade.  This is the 6th year for us in this house and I still never tire of it. 

It is not an Old Settler's parade in Kansas without a motorcycle-drawn hearse.

Or, a toilet on top of a truck.

Or, a human hamster-ball thingie.

Or, a church group totally rocking out to Jesus.
After all, Jesus was the Original Hippie.

Or, a Candy Catastrophe
The bottom dropped out of their bag and all hell broke looseI was too busy laughing and lunging for my camera to help because I bear the title of Mommyblogger WITH PRIDE.


Amanda said...

As a personal witness to your shortness of breath, something IS wrong, and it is not wrong to go check it out. While the ticker may be fine, it is not fine to go short of oxygen...hope you get this figured out. We still haven't been able to plan and execute any kind of lunch date sans progeny. I was really looking forward to that :)

No, no parade is ever complete with out a toilet on top of a truck, motocycle hearse or bubble gum. Please tell me your kids got plenty of yummy teeth rotting bubble gum!

caro said...

A friend of mine went in for several EKGs with chest pains / shortness of breath before they did an Xray (I think) and discovered he had a collapsed lung. So my money's on that.

(Obviously you posted this because you wanted the Internet to diagnose you, right? :)

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Believe me, the collapsed lung has crossed my mind. Sigh.

I can report that this tablet of Alleve has done jackshit for my symptoms.

kreed said...

I am glad to hear your EKG was normal. Since the ticker is in working order, bear with me while I suggest something ridiculous...heartburn/reflux. I know it sounds crazy, but as one who has spent about 5 years with benign heart palps (heart is fine - been checked multiple times) and trying to distinguish between what is palp related pain and what is not, I have found that what goes on in my esophagus matters. I don't have chronic reflux or heartburn, but a good dose of prescription strength pantaprazole can get rid of my chest pain, my nausea and my shortness of breath over a few days. It has done so more than once. Just a thought. I obviously have no medical degree, so take the above with a grain of salt.

I think I have to see this parade. It looks to be awesomeness of monumental proportions.

MB said...

I had those exact symptoms 11 years ago, and even went to the ER for it. Turns out it was reflux. In which case the Aleve might possibly make it even worse. Once the doc put me on Prevacid I was fine.

Anonymous said...

I got to Kansas City on A Friday, by Saturday I learned a thing or two. Cuz upto then I didn't have an Idee of what the modern world was coming too.....

Chocolate Covered Susan said...

I get the same thing from time to time, too! I just always figured it was anxiety related somehow, but reflux makes so much more sense. Huh.
The candy catastrophe is too funny. That would have been cause for major meltdown with my two.

Anonymous said...

My mom had similar symptoms. She was diagnosed with anemia -- acute enough to need a blood transfusion. Glad you went to the doctor!


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Like another poster above, it turned out that my brother-in-law had reflux. I'm glad the EKG turned out fine...take care of yourself, seriously.

aibee said...

When comments explode:


Barbara said...

Another vote for 'reflux'.

Love the parade in front of your house!