September 28, 2010

Empy Spaces.

I did not intend to take a break from my virtual life but I have been feeling out of sorts with social media as of late.  And I had to question whether I was spending too much time talking about life, rather than actually participating in it.

It did not help that last week, a friend mentioned something funny that I had quoted from the ever venerable Anjali.  What hurt, is that I could not remember the quote.  Something adorable my kid had said was planted in that virtual ephemera known as Twitter - to be lost forever in the Blue Nowhere.  So, now I am plugging through my old pages on Twitter and writing some things from it into the journal I have for the kids. With a pen!  On paper! No,  I am not knocking Twitter, it is so very convenient to just grab my phone and jab my thumbs frantically then, Boom! Moment is shared.  I realize that I need to be more conscientious in recording that stuff here for Team Chaos. Yes, I do see this blog as something I hope my kids can read someday.  Me with all my flaws and filthy mouth, yes.

And I hope the fact that they have made my every dream come true shines resolute over all my ranting.


We are still easing into this new routine of two different school schedules.  I really, really enjoy having some alone time with each kid individually - it is completely worth the complete lack of free time.  And yes, I am just as shocked as you are to be typing that sentence with heartfelt sincerity.  I was truly worried about losing those few free hours from the days of yore when they were in school at the same time.  However, I see now how I was not only viewing them as a unit, but also I see how into each other they are.  When they are together, they often are into their routines, games, even vernacular (seriously, sometimes I have NO CLUE what they are giggling over.) Now, without Anjali around, Arun notices me and talks to me.  Vice versa.  Hey, there's MAMA.  Whoa.

When we pick Arun up at school, Anjali rushes into the room and they both exclaim "Arun! Anju!" and then rush to hug each other.  Four weeks into this and they are still doing it.  All they need is a meadow with fluttering butterflies, folks.   Soon enough, Arun will discover that hugging one's sister in public is not a smooth move from a future cool kindergartner, so I cherish these fleeting displays of public affection while I can.

In other news, we are doing a full-on Halloween party.  Which means that our cave currently disguised as a "finished basement" must be decorated.  Also, Arun still wants to be Bowser for Halloween.  No, not Bowser from Grease, but rather, King Bowser Koopa from Super Mario Brothers.  And Anjali wants to be a scary, one-armed Princess Peach.

I cannot sew, folks.  So, off to Hobby Lobby for glue sticks we shall go.

The original Rainbow Shirt.
Why, yes, I expose my kids to my favorite band of all time (today's subject title was inspired by them, as well). Indoctrination into Pink Floyd must begin early for it to take an effective hold on a child's eternal soul and to provide full protection from the likes of Glenn Bleck and his magic scepter (cleverly disguised as a a grimy stick of chalk.)

Pink Floyd, Libertarians in disguise.


Anonymous said...

The shirt: Awesome.
The sentiment: True.

meno said...

A scary, one-armed Princess Peach!!

That's the best thing i ever heard. take that powder puff and make her into a BAD ASS!

Dee said...

We're going to have Mario and Princess Peach for Halloween, but seriously, scary one-armed Princess Peach sounds much cooler!

Meagan Francis said...

Dude, I have been there with the quotes I think I'll never forget...and then forget. So glad you got that one written down in time.

We're having a real-life full-on Halloween party this year, too. We had one about 12 years ago so we figure it's about time again. The kids can't wait to decorate :)