June 15, 2010

Just say when.

When will .....
my boy no longer snuggle and sit in my lap?
my girl no longer consider me her "best mama"?
my boy no longer say "cheesegurber"?
my girl not want to sleep with me?
my boy no longer need a healing kiss when he hurts himself?
my girl not whisper "I love you, Mama" in her sleep?
my boy no longer proudly and excitedly introduce me to his friends at school?
my girl stop calling our Mexican panederia "that churro place"?
my boy no longer delight at life's promise that is in a simple tree seed?
my girl discover that not all little girls love lizards and snakes?
my boy stop pretending our car is a submarine?
my girl realize being a princess is, in reality, a depressing occupation?
my boy not want dinosaurs on his underwear?
my girl begin stealing my makeup? my clothes? my booze?
my boy need to shave?
my girl be indoctrinated into the horrors of body wax?
my boy realize I actually have very few answers?
my girl figure out I have no fashion sense?

Actually, forget it.  Don't tell me when, after all.


Jen said...

Well, you said not to say...but I've found that boys snuggle/hold their mom's hand/give public hugs much longer than girls do!

Olivia said...

I don't want to know when, either. The other day, I had a moment of anxiety wondering what if my girl and I don't get along when she grows up. What if we end up with one of "those" mother/daughter relationships? Because I know there is no guarantee.

My mother and I are great friends, but she and my sister have been forever at odds. Same mother, same home enviornment and parenting, and yet my sister's relationship with our mother is so much more distant than my own.

LuAnn said...


Barbara said...

This is really cute! Makes me think, too!

flybunny said...

Too damn soon!

Anonymous said...

I know you don't want an answer, but here goes: "Before you know it."

kreed said...

I don't want to know any of those answers about my own kids. I am not an overly sentimental type, but the thought of no more little hands reaching for mine just about makes me break down every time I think about it.