April 2, 2010

Let the Record Show.

Last night, Manoj and I were watching  a sitcom, The Middle.  In this episode, Mike has been given tickets to the Men's NCAA Final Four game.  However, Frankie's great-uncle decides to kick the bucket at the grand age of 91 and the funeral is scheduled for the same day as the Final Four.  Of course.

I turned to Manoj and said "Dude.  If I die, you have my explicit permission to postpone my funeral for any sort of sporting events you desire."

After all, I am on ice anyway, just hanging out while I wait for my dirt nap to begin.  Why should he miss the Superbowl?  Right?   Shoot me out of the t-shirt cannon... do the Wave in my honor.....  I will not care.

Besides, if I die before Manoj, he should enjoy that sporting event to help him forget that his life means nothing now.  Nothing! After all, the poor sap is going to be lost in his own home.  Seriously and literally.  He will be LOST without me.  Someone will need to remind that we keep the milk in the refrigerator, the shoes in the shoe basket, the coats on the coat rack.

And I really fear for the car keys.  When I die, they will not be long for this world, either.


Amanda said...

LOL!!! So true. Thanks for the laugh.

Anjali said...

Damn. I always forget to watch that show!

I have a better idea. Get yourself cremated, and have Manoj take you with him in an urn or ziplock bag.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Anjali Sr,
GREAT idea! I have always wanted to go to the Final Four anyway!

Anonymous said...

I'm under orders to not die before my Hubby. He knows what will happen to his life it that is the order of events.

Greetings! Just stopping by to meet the other bloggers linked under BlogHer.

LuAnn said...

So funny. Love the post (as always).

Jenny said...

If I die first, who will send my husband an outlook meeting maker so he'll remember to come home from work before 9pm (so that his children will recognize him) at least once a month? I mean really. He can't very well care for them if they don't know who he is.

MB said...

I told my family they can hold my family wherever the weekly e-fares allow. Spending $800 to fly to a funeral is robbery!