April 14, 2010

Inspiration, Interrupted

I have several posts for this blog in the back of my head, begging to exit via my fingers.  Of books and people that have inspired me lately.  Conversely,  I have a post that is due for the Blurt (the Snapgifts.com blog) that will not appear, despite my best attempts at aparecium spells.  I suppose my well of invisible ink done run dry?    Did I mention I have a post due today?  And where am I?  Here, fervently hoping if I scribble something here, that will spur something there.  I should mention that having your husband as an editor is not a good idea for a Happy Mom nor Marriage (Meagan Francis, take note!)

I have so many other silly things I would love to talk about as well.  Things that do not make The Tweetle, but also do not necessarily made good fodder for entire posts.........

How my mind is a little blown.  This week is out of control. Nothing out of the ordinary - mostly due to procrastination and most of it good.   

How my taxes are done.  This year's return was easy because we are poor (granted, poor by choice, as entrepreneurs are inclined to do) And wahoo!  We owed money!   As many of you know, I would rather get an interest-free loan from the US government, than lend them my money for an entire year (I felt sick to my stomach one year when we got a massive refund - that was MY money and it did not earn any interest.)  But this year??  I win!  However, I was stressed with the late filing because my husband owed me a single wee, important document which is sort of the entire blasted point of income tax returns (*cough*1099*cough)  Every time I saw the Liberty Tax guy jiggling his bootie and grabbing his crotch, dancing away on the street corner, it was a reminder that I needed to file.  It was also a reminder to bug the crap out of my husband for that document.  Oh the joys of the past 3 months.  Manoj loves me!  He really, really loves me!

How BlogHer put my BlogHer profile in their delicious scavenger hunt - yes, me.  If you play, you could win a $100 Gift card.  Check it out and see how well you know me.....  Also, definitely check out the BlogHer "$100 Question" Contest - I recently won $100 myself there.  Crazy.  Me?  Winning money.

How keeping a dog away from chocolate during Easter Season is a task worthy of a reality show.  The other day, Anjali passed out with some candy in her hand and I discovered Lucy licking away.  Death by chocolate bunny?  Indeed.

How my daughter seems to be the love child of Machiavelli and Anna Wintour.  She is a force to be reckoned with and I am constantly in awe.  And more than a little afraid.  She will be the child who brings me to my knees.

How I threw a wee party last Friday which necessitated a frantic Flight of the Bumblebee in order to get my house cleaned.  A massive undertaking, to be sure, but I loved having my friends and family over.  Almost as much as I loved seeing my carpet again (even though after a vigorous steam-cleaning, it still has a touch of "tribute to Jackson Pollack" to it, what with strawberries, wine, curry and coffee with a touch of green Playdough rounding off such a lovely color palette.)

How I became obsessed with the Hunger Games series and am now in a bit of a literary depression because I am having trouble finding something that grabs me as strongly as that series did.   This series blew me away and is one of the best things I have read in quite awhile - it was well written and suspenseful with fully-drawn, complex characters.  It is not science-fiction, I would put it more in the speculative fiction category.  And the heroine, Katniss?  Is someone I would actually like my daughter to emulate and respect.

In return for boring blather, I am throwing out some belated Simian Snappage from Easter.......
Let No Easter Chocolate Go Unwasted

Yes, the Shirt MUST Match the Easter Basket. 
Dude, don't ask.

Pink is Her Signature Color

Her brother had the audacity to try and HELP her with something.  The NERVE.  After declaring to him emphatically, "NO, I do it MYSELF", she stomped out of the room and this is what I found. I call it "putting herself in time-out"  Which some days?  Is fine by me.

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kreed said...

I love the sulking picture! Of course I find the others to be extremely cute as well, but that one is just classic.

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that you loved Hunger Games - I am always so glad that others love the books as much as I do!