February 4, 2010


As I tweetled about last night, Manoj is home from India, bleary-eyed, but his underwear is intact.  It will take awhile to get back to our routine, but I am glad he is back and will probably grant him a week's reprieve in grousing about Inappropriate Sock Placement.  'Tis the least I could do.

In a conversation with someone today, it came to light that I subscribe to a particular hate blog.  The person expressed disappointment that I would subscribe to such a site.  And I see her point.

I subscribe to the hate blog because awhile back, they directed nastiness towards a friend of mine and I did jump in the fray to defend her. I mainly peruse the feeds to see if my friends are bagged on again.  But I do periodically question the waste of my time seeing such vitriolic tripe, particularly, since I do not even read most of the sites referenced.  I have not cleaned out my feed reader for awhile, perhaps I need to get to some early spring cleaning.

While I ponder this,  I am going to redirect you to my guest post over at Brit's crib,  With a Little Help From My Friends.  She is on an extended bedrest and I am asking folks who have been on bedrest for advice.  


~ifer said...

I am glad he is home safely. I am sure you are relieved to have him back as well.
I have recently begun a little cleaning of my reader as well. I set the criteria for myself that if it wasn't a blog that I could comment on with some regularity, then it meant that it was a blog that didn't move me, and I didn't need to keep my list cluttered with those. Needless to say, since I am writing this epic novel of a comment, I connect with your writing :)

jodifur said...

Now I'm dying to know which hate blog it is.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

You know, I don't actually know how to use a feed reader, yet. I should get on that.

Anjali said...

Glad he's back safely!

Average Jane said...

I try to stay away from negative blogs just for my own happiness. I'd rather be out of the loop than brought down by other people's ugliness. This is also why I seldom read any of the political blogs to whose feeds I subscribe (and especially not their comments).