February 10, 2010

First? I need a saddle.

Routine? We don't need no stinking routine!


Monday, I waited patiently for a doctor's call about the Sinus Infection That Will Not Call Uncle.  Then, I waited patiently for a prescription to be filled (For the record, Team Chaos did not wait so patiently, which probably explains why chocolate and contraceptives are located so tantalizingly close to the Target pharmacy waiting area.)  This is my 2nd round of antibiotics and yes, I did take the 1st round responsibly.  

This has been going on since the 1st week of January and after about 4 days, as soon as I realized I most likely had a sinus infection, I went to CVS where I was promptly turned away with instructions to take some Skittles, or something close to that for all the relief it held.  The problem with those drive-by clinics is that they do not know me and my own personal, very serious concern on how antibiotics are over-used.  Conversely, my own doctor does know me and when I went to see her a week later, she immediately knew I was not getting all Cry Baby on her, this was not just a virus-laden head cold, and that yes, something needed to be prescribed.

So, Prescription #2 was began late Monday night and yes, I took it with a small meal.  And very soon after taking it, I was hovering over the toilet purging that small meal along with what seemed to my soul (or maybe, that was just my kidney - it is all blurry now.)  Anjali patted my shoulder saying "It's okay, Mama.  It's okay". Whoa.  She just needs to learn how to hold my hair back and she'll be ready to rush sororities this fall, no?

Oh and it is so very convenient to have a jetlagged husband around the house who is wide awake at 5am to do a Sprite run.  Ahhhhh, Sprite - that soothing elixir that has truly stood the text of time, high-fructose corn syrup or not, it hit the spot.

And speaking of Jet Lag, that little bastard has teamed up with Insomnia as of late.  It seems they are bound and determined to procreate with the purpose of unleashing some little Supreme Dark Overlord of Sleep Deficit upon the human race.  Literally, Manoj and I are two zombies passing during the night and day.

I think none of this is making sense.  But, I hate to leave you with weird ramblings so about chewing on this?  

Last week a friend of mine on Facebook posted the following: "is seriously annoyed when people say "thinking positive/good thoughts" in regards to something...really do you think your "good thoughts" will have an effect on the outcome??? I guess if that were true and you had "bad thoughts" people would be dropping off all around......"

 This entry had me thinking really hard.  Frankly, I was a little hurt and a mite insulted.  I send positive thoughts to folks a lot.  I do not pray and to say that I would pray for someone is a lie.  I would hope that sending positive thoughts would be acceptable regardless of religious affiliation.  Should it not be about the intent of the sentiment itself?  I want to lend online support to a friend, but I do not pray.  Furthermore, a few weeks ago, I received so many kind thoughts and prayers myself.  Both were equally acceptable to me and I was very grateful to have so many friends sending me nice words and gestures.  And no, I do not want to snark on my friend, because that accomplishes nothing.  Besides, there is no right and wrong here.

However,  I am left wondering now how many others I have offended with my "sending good thoughts" message.

Sigh.  And now I am also wondering if it was wrong to post someone's Facebook status here, even if I have given that person a head's up that I was doing so (i.e. this is not behind her back.)  For example, I would not post an email without permission, but it seems a status is fairly public.

I think.


Average Jane said...

I also say "keeping you in my thoughts" or "sending positive vibes" to people, for the same reason you do. Why wouldn't someone find it comforting to know that someone else was thinking of them?

Amanda said...

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, are positive thoughts the agnostic's F you? I hope your friend was just having a persnickety day.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

To be fair, I have had my fair share of persnickety days. ;-)

kristen said...

I love the thought that someone out there is thinking of me and I am never offended by the comment. I certainly would not want you to lie to me. What am offended by is the whole "T & P" thing. Really? You are thinking about me and praying for me but just don't have the time to type it out? I do pray for people quite often but if I feel they will be offended by me saying so then I don't say so.

That said, man you are just in a sucky spot right now. I hope it all works it's way out soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope there are only a small percentage of people offended by being sent good thoughts!

I just read Dan Brown's The Last Symbol. I didn't mean to, it just kind of happened... Anyway, there was talk about the power of prayer and good thoughts, especially if lots of people are doing it at the same time. I really believe we have a lot of power we don't understand or know how to use yet.

I will continue to send my good thoughts to people. Well, at least those who appreciate them!


Melanie said...

Ok I take great offense that anyone would take offense to having good thoughts sent their way... I mean seriously??? Even if you think they have no power or can make no difference, why the hell would it bother you that people are hoping things get BETTER for you!! I guess I would hope that the person was having a bad day, and in retrospect realizes that they were being snarky.... I mean honestly, why share bits of your life with others if you don't freaking want them to think of you or wish they could somehow help???

Jen said...

Yeah, it's not that I think my thoughts are powerful objects being sent around the world -- it's that I want the person to know that I have that person/family and their troubles in mind and that I'm thinking/hoping for them that things turn out as best they can.

It seems like the person that wrote that got a little confused and thinks that saying that means the person has some sort of control over events that...none of us do. That lack of control/power? It's *why* people send positive thoughts, not the opposite!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Sorry you're sick. I'm sending you synergistic thoughts.


flybunny said...

I feel exactly the same - I don't pray either but that doesn't mean I don't care.

I hope you are feeling better soon - you might need to call and ask for a new antibiotic if it keeps up. I speak from personal experience.

I am thinking of you and sending warm and healing thoughts to you :)

meno said...

I don't pray either, but i never spit in the eye of a good thought sent my way, and i send good thoughts to others. Do i think it will do any good? Not really, other than to give that person the feeling that someone cares.

Next times she posts something requiring sympathy, leave a comment that says, "So what?"

Bethany said...

You can send me good thoughts any time you like.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. By this logic all those negative thoughts I've been sending out there to all the people that annoy me HAVE DONE NOTHING?

say it ain't so.

I mean if my mean negative energy means nothing...what have I been wasting my time on?


Anonymous said...

Hello to all~

I am the person who posted that comment and while I might have been having a bit of a "persnickety" day, I am almost nine months pregnant with my fifth child. I did mean what I said.
However, I think there needs to be some clarification. While I do not believe anyone sending me positive thoughts or good vibes or happy energy does me or anyone else any good. I did go on to clarify in a follow up comment that I do appreciate anyones well intention words and they do not fall on deaf ears. I am not offended by anyones attempt to offer me comfort or kind words.
In a later post I told a friend, who is not religious and does not pray that I respected her wish to not lie about praying and that saying things like "I am thinking of you" or "hoping things go well" etc. are both truthful and not offensive at all to me.
Perhaps it is just an issue of semantics. I am a person who believes in Jesus and the power of prayer, therefore if I say I am praying for you, I mean it literally. So if I see someone saying sending "positive energy" or "good vibes" or "happy thoughts", then I suppose I believe they really believe their energy, thoughts and vibes are going to have an effect on the other persons situation and I don't believe that. Please also clarify for the person who made the snarky little comment about "wasting their time", if you really believe in the all encompassing power of positive thoughts and there ability to effect the outcome of events, then tell me how you could not believe that negative thoughts would not have the same effect? Wouldn't that just be logical?

Cara said...

Actually, Anonymous, I do believe that negative thoughts have an impact in the world, just as I believe positive ones do. I try hard to redirect my negative thoughts whenever I catch them, and I never, ever deliberately think negative thoughts of harm about someone. I believe the world is a better place when we focus on the positive and work to undo/change the negative. This is part of MY religious beliefs. And while I generally call my positive thoughts prayers, and that is exactly what they are, it is out of respect for the varied beliefs of the many people I love that I don't use the word prayer unless I believe that will have meaning and comfort for the person I'm reaching out to.
And, if I ever needed proof that prayers and positive energy mattered, the family friend who survived cancer against all the odds the doctors gave her is my proof. She surrounded herself with positive people and asked those who were unable to move past fear or grief to keep it to themselves. Her friends threw "perky parties" to keep everyone's spirits up and she refused to grieve, preferring to live. And I really, truly believe that her insistence on the positive (and the thousands of prayers lifted for her) allowed the long shot medical treatments to work. She's in remission, 5 years and counting.
And, let me just clarify that doesn't mean I think those who aren't cured or don't receive their miracle didn't try hard enough or believe enough. "No" is still and answer, and sometimes God tells us no.

Farmgirl Susan said...

Hi Kelli,
I just found your blog via a comment you left on ABDPBT. First of all, I (of course) love your sheep header! I think it's the only one I've ever seen besides mine starring sheep. ; )

I enjoyed reading this post and your writing in general. Thanks for the laugh re the chocolate and contraceptives next to the pharmacy waiting area. The comments have been interesting, too. For anybody wondering about the power (or lack) of our minds and thoughts, I urge you to read Dan Brown's latest book, The Lost Symbol. The science in that book - which is supposedly all true and proven stuff - is amazing. And extremely inspiring.

LuAnn said...

Sending good thoughts, much like praying for others, may not change or affect an outcome (those are beyond our control largely) but it changes the sender or prayer in regards to the outcome, and that, I believe, is what it's all about--to change ourselves (not beyond our control) positively to deal with all that comes to us on our paths.

Keep doing what you do, girl!

Meagan Francis said...

I don't tell people I'm praying for them unless they specifically ask for prayers, because I know that can make some people uncomfortable. Nevertheless, to me whether or not positive thoughts actually have an effect is sort of secondary. It's just nice to know people are rooting for you and thinking of you and I have found a lot of strength in that knowledge before and it has definitely impacted the way I've handled certain situations. So maybe it's not actually the positive thoughts themselves that make the difference, but making the person you're thinking of aware of them?

CPA Mom said...

I'm not going to jump into this fray, after my week with my sick girl, I do not have the energy. I will stick with The Bloggess and her new badge "Be Nice or I will Stab you" for now.

That said, Thank you for all your good thoughts this week. They meant a LOT to ME.