December 8, 2008

Day 8: Is it Christmas yet?

Wow. Olivia's hit the nail on the head on my last post where I mentioned my hatred of pink plastic princess Disney crap:
In theory, I have no problem with the Disney princesses. After all, I loved the movies and turned out pretty independent and a supporter of feminism. What I don't like is how ubiquitous the marketing is now. It's not just a cute kids' movie, it's a lifestyle. Even the toys that could be gender-neutral like a science kit get the princess treatment with plenty of pink and sparkly elements.

I haven't even given birth to my daughter yet, and I'm wondering how we'll navigate this huge gender divide in toys.
And that is what irritates me, too. The endless marketing of it. I like pink, Anjali does wear some pink, but I am so over pink.... pink..... Pepto Dismal pink. When I went to Toys R Us to look at toys, my eyes were bleeding from all the damned pink. It's ridiculous. Sure, I saw the Cinderella and Snow White movies when I was a kid, but that was about it, so I do not have any sort of emotional tie-in to all this stuff.

Besides, at least Barbie sometimes holds down a full-time job -I have not seen Sleeping Beauty work a computer, save some Barbie lives, fly to the moon or fight any fires lately, have you?

While I am feeling a bit rantish, let me continue:

1. I am feeling very frustrated - Wallace and Gromit have a new short airing on Christmas Day: A Matter of Loaf or Death. I cannot find it yet, although rumors are that it will air in some parts of the US.

2. Why is that my husband treats me like I am such a mean, mean mom whenever I do things that make my kids cry?? Oh say, things like "giving medicine", "changing diapers", "denial of <insert sugary product of choice>", or the real tear-jerker "wiping noses"? He always gets to be the good guy. I call bullshit.

3. I found Peppermint Kandy Kakes once at Wal-Mart and stupidly bought one (yes, ONE!) package. I cannot find more and I really want to find some for Mojavi.


meno said...

Speaking of Disney princesses, can you imagine having to live with someone with Snow White's teeny timy high-pitched voice?


(My VW word is Trant, i swear!)

Olivia said...

In an interesting coincidence last night I brought out a package of mini bell peppers....with Disney and Tinkerbell on it!

The next time one of the A's has a runny nose give X wiping duty whenever possible. It's not fair for you to be the "mean" one all the time.

Anonymous said...

I haven't even commented because I thought everyone hated Disney princesses on principle. I say this even as I am talking up the trip to DisneyWorld we are taking over my birthday weekend. Hell, it's not for me, it's for her! Of course I can't stand them, but she loves them, and it's her room, her toys, whatever. I just draw the line at Bratz and any Barbie dressed like a hussie. Also, little girls clothes with writing on the butt. Because girlfriend, you are in for a treat when Anju gets a little older. WAH!