January 22, 2008

Whaddya wanna know?

Whew. Thanks for the comments yesterday - I am glad to know that folks do not really care if I respond or not. I will, however, begin to respond to specific questions within comments. I will also continue to add frequent commenters to my Bloglines as I have been doing the past month. I think making a greater effort to comment on your blogs is a better and more thoughtful strategy.

Something I have been meaning to do is put out a "Questions Nobody Actually Asks" section - I have wanted to clean up my sidebar for awhile now and this will help with that. I will explain things like how I came up with X as a codename (Black Beauty was the inspiration, oddly), how I came up with the moniker Cagey (not nearly as cagey nor clever as one would think), why my kidz namez are weerd and uneek, what rancid raves means and what the hell is the dealio with sheep? Are there are any other questions that I should answer?

Okay, before I sign off here is a quick Cute Kid Story:
Arun was playing with his Diego action figure and one of his Little People. I asked what Diego's friend's name was and he answered "Kelli!". Then, he threw both of them down the stairs and yelled "Bye, Diego! Bye, Kelli!". I have no idea what to make of that but if I catch Diego and Kelli macking on each other, X is going to be v. v. disturbed.


A. Nonny Mouse said...

hee hee! I know the answer to at least one of these! :) I'm so proud of me!

I would, while you are in the question answering mode, love to hear how you and X met.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

I'm so curious about the sheep. I never even imagined there was more to it other than it is a very awesome design all around.