January 21, 2008

Has anyone seen my mojo?

I seem to have misplaced it. I am still out of sorts blogging wise.

..................My husband is driving me insane. As a SAHM, my office is our home. As a Work At Home Dad, (yes, my husband is a total WAHD), X's office is also our home. All the SAHMs reading this just let out an understanding, collective sigh of dismay. To give the WOHMs out there some perspective, let me offer an analogy. Say, you are working in your high-rise office and then, your husband shows up, sets his laptop on your desk across from you and starts working all the while making comments about how you go about your business. You escape to the bathroom and scoot out the door for awhile. In the meantime, the spreadsheet you were working on emails itself to your husband's laptop and insists on being updated. You come back from your bathroom trip and your husband is griping about the spreadsheet because it is pulling on his pant leg, whining for attention. In the meantime, the database you were working on starts beeping wildly because it is hungry, er..... corrupted. Your husband is very irritated by the spreadsheet and does not quite understand why you cannot update the spreadsheet and fix the database at the same time.

I do not remember committing to this scenario in our wedding vows. I remember some bullshit about "better" and "worse", but I most certainly did not agree to this "working at home" business.

.............I finished Sue Grafton's T is for Trespass and it was a very satisfying read. The story was pretty dark and featured one of the coldest, most sociopathic characters Grafton has ever depicted. If you have not read Grafton before, I highly recommend the series. Grafton weaves a good mystery and leaves enough clues that you can sometimes even figure out the solution - her endings are rarely contrived. To start the series is quite simple - pick up A is for Alibi and begin from there.

...............X wants to cut Anjali's hair. This appears to some Indian thing, this cutting of the hair. In these here parts, we White Folk tend to leave Baby Girl Hair alone, but the Indians, they do not. And you know how those wily immigrants are, what with their coming to our land and expecting that we change to meet their expectations. The nerve! While I admit that Anjali's hair is beginning to resemble something of a bird's nest (and built by one who appears to have a drinking problem), I am not quite ready to cut her hair yet.

..............I suck at responding to comments. Does anyone care? When I get 2 seconds on the computer, I would rather be out reading your blogs, instead of responding to comments. I see commenting on your blog as more useful than commenting back here on my own blog. Seriously - is anyone pissed off that I do not respond to comments here? Be honest.


Mamma Sarah said...

I don't really care if you respond to comments on here. I like comments better on my blog cause then I know you are reading my stuff too. :-D

I vote for not cutting her hair. She's so cute... maybe just a trim since it's so curly. You've got to manage the curls.

MB said...

Personally I think responding to comments is like having to write a thank you for thank you. Completely uneccessary. So don't worry about it!

We need a support group for wifes with work at home husbands. Mine is about to drive me over the edge.

A. Nonny Mouse said...

I am fine if you don't respond to the comments I leave here. I love it when you pop in over at my place! :)

My mom has the same frustrations with my Dad. She works from home and on the days when he's home (like today, a no-school day) he drives her right up the wall.

And Anjali's hair is too cute to be cut!! Please don't!

Anonymous said...

I say cut her hair. It's a rite of passage - one of few too many she'll have in life. I think it's so difficult to impart to these kids that they're half-whatever - you really have to start EARLY and OFTEN.

Also, they say it grows back crazily thick and strong. Lots of Pakistani girls have their heads shaved several times while they're still kids and have you SEEN their hair??? Crazy! LOOOONG, thick, shiny. If you do shave it, you can just tell yourself she'll thank you later.

Oh course it will totally suck if you do it because everyone and their mother will pipe in about why you shouldn't and how cute her hair was and what a travesty, blah blah blah.

Jenny said...

I don't even like to cut boys hair before 18 months, much less girls! But it does grow back, I guess.
Dude, get thee separate WAH offices, stat. Let him take over a guestroom, or the dining room table or something, (seriously, how often do your use your dining room, anyway?) but kepe him outta your space. I know the feeling...

Anonymous said...

Meh. I almost never reply to comments. And the whole commenting back in the comments thing doesn't really work for me, anyway. I'd have to read every entry multiple times and that is way too much effort for me. Because I am not a good blog friend.

meno said...

Nope, not at all.

Bethany said...

Feel free to not respond to any of my comments, I don't mind.

But please don't cut Anjali's hair! It took three years for my girl to get hair in any quantity and I love to see Anjali's!

Dooneybug said...

Oh my. The baby hair. Doesn't that just pull at your heartstrings!? I love her locks. :)

I have no problem if a blog author doesn't reply to my comment as long as they acknowledge me somehow (like commenting back on my blog) at some point. I certainly don't expect a reply or comment from them every time I post something, but once in a while is nice. I really don't like having someone ignore my presence, you know? I don't know how some of the big bloggers out there respond to all the comments they get. I can barely keep up with my 5 - 10 commenter's, much less 50 or 60 like some people get. I personally made it a goal of mine to start replying to my comments but that's because I'd gotten really lazy about it and it was my hang up. I wouldn't expect anyone else to do that. If they want to, fine. But sometimes it's hard to find something unique to say to each person.

Anyway, all that ramble to say I don't mind if you don't comment.

Moderndayhermit said...

Nope, don't mind.

I love Anjali's hair! Of course, she'd be beautiful regardless of hair status.

Mojavi said...

I swear if you cut one hair on that baby's head I will drive over there and put some whoopass on X!

who cares about responding... i like comments on mine.. it is all about me anyway right :)

Monkey McWearingChaps said...


a) No I don't get upset that you don't respond to comments. I mean, sometimes you respond to a comment I leave here on my own blog and I leave you comments...because you've inspired me to write something in relation to your posts. Not because I care about getting something in return-I mean, I can always write to you on email if I positively require a response.

b) My parents used to that head shaving thing because it's big amongst desis and it's just a big old myth (for the commenter upthread). The thickness wahwahwah of your hair is genetically determined!

I guess cut her hair if you want to-as a fellow curly girl I know half of the haircuts in our household were inspired by the fact that it's just easier to keep clean and non-matted (a particular problem for curly haired children). And the older she gets the more of a PITA it will be because she will dread the daily detangling (though I hear they make nicer shampooos for children these days than in the past) and possibly run away and hide like I used to.

But it still makes me sad when I'll see photos of myself where my parents have just shorn me to the scalp because they were TOO LAZY to brush out the curls everyday.

Christy said...

I feel for you Cagey. When my husband works from home for just one day, he drives me bonkers. Some weekends, I start praying for Monday to roll around again.

I don't care about the responding to comments thing. Honestly, I forget to come back and check for a response half of the damn time.

Anonymous said...

Totally doesn't bother me if you don't respond to comments. Spend that extra time playing with your daughter's curly locks!

aibee said...

My son (who is a BOY) is two and has yet to have a hair cut, so you can imagine how I feel about this musing on whether or not to crop your little girl's adorable head of curly hair. Need a hint? NO! NO!! NOOOOOOO, PLEASE DON'T DO IT!!! *sob,weep,etc*

CPA Mom said...

I am GLAD you do not respond to comments here. I don't have the time to revisit all blogs I leave comments on to look for responses.

Please, for the love of God, leave her hair alone, X! It is too beautiful to cut. My daughter's hair is similar and uncut at age 3 1/2.

I worked with my husband once for a year in an office. I almost killed him. Enough said.