May 4, 2006

What would Geronimo say if HE jumped out of an airplaine?

It seems I am going to DC/VA this weekend for a few days. We sort of decided last minute - I only just booked my ticket yesterday. It is nearly impossible to plan these trips ahead of time, because they are dependent upon X’s schedule. If X has meetings scheduled in DC/VA and I don't already have things going on in KC, then we can go. I learned the hard way on our first trip with Arun to DC/VA that traveling with a baby requires you to be flexible and not overly aggressive with planning too many activities. So, for this trip, I am hoping to get in a visit to the Zoo. That’s all. Oh, and seeing about a hundred people. Sigh. That is always the most troublesome part of going to DV/VA - the trying to fit in all of the social obligations. Every single trip involves scurrying around trying to get with people -- don’t get me wrong, these are folks that I DO want to visit (e.g. we will NOT be visiting K&L from last trip’s episode of The Slap). So, for Sunday, we are trying to set up something with our friends J and L, then later something with S and M. If S and S find out we are in town, they will probably want to have us for dinner which would be yummylicious because who can turn down a home-cooked South Indian meal? Also, I have yet to email Amy - I had “warned” her awhile back that I might be coming to town. I suspect it will be way too late to plan something there - her life looks pretty crazy right now. Anyway, hopefully this trip won’t be too stressful - we will be staying in X’s corporate apartment there in Fairfax, so there won’t be the added hassle of dealing with a hotel. Although, can I confess I will miss the free shampoo? I’m the type of gal who immediately sets herself upon all those free hotel toiletries with unadulterated greedy glee. Seriously, I’m like a duck on a June bug when it comes to free shit anyway, but when left to her own devices in a hotel bathroom?....shiver......(Rancid Rambling: Am I the only one with a shampoo fetish? When I quit my job, I started decreasing my “collection” in paying homage to The Budget, BUT I still have 6 shampoos and 5 conditioners littering my shower - not including the freebies nicked from hotels across the country. And I still want more - when Zoot mentioned how much she loves Dove shampoo, it was all I could do to resist buying some during my last foray into Target. Help. ) Anyway.....Where was I? Oh, yeah.

In a departure from my normal baby-oriented snaps, I am going to post a few of our ORIGINAL babies. I was very sad when Christine closed shop and pulled down the blogging blinds. I will be forever thankful for her support during my pregnancy last year when I was going through the process of getting our cats used to all the new shit coming into the house. My mother and sister were horrified that we were giving each cat a “turn” at the new stuff. Crib coming in the door? Each cat was immediately dumped into it one by one. My philosophy was “Let them explore!”. Christine was very helpful when I went to her for advice. I still believe that our relaxed attitude has helped immensely in the cat’s adjustments - we have had no problems with them since Arun came into town.

At our old house, many hours were spent on this rooftop.

Vanessa is our shy cat - I am sure many of my RL friends are going WTF? You have THREE cats? Ironically, she has gotten LESS shy since Arun's arrival and comes out more often when people are visiting. I think it demonstrates to what lengths a desperate cat will go for attention.

This is Harry - as in Potter. In January 2003, he showed up in our backyard and hung out in the pampass grassed corner you see in the picture. We thought he was a neighborhood cat just hanging out. Then, one fine day in April when the door was left open, he scurried into the house and gobbled at the cat food. We were horrified to discover that he was stray all along. Since there was NO WAY in hell anyone would adopt an adult male black cat, we promptly took ownership and hauled him to the vet for shots and "clipping" of his sensitive parts. Even though he has that tendency to leave squirrel scraps, bunny bits and chipmunk chunks at our door, we still love him. He's a very cool cat - tough as hell and smart as a whip.

Pearson is our Pretty Boy. If cats could be gay, Pearson would be, for sure.

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