May 25, 2006

What am I forgetting?

Since my last male reader headed for the hills months ago, I am not going to mince words. It seems I am in possession of a uterus. Yes, I had sort of let it slip my mind. This strikes me as odd because you see, for YEARS, I was OBSESSED with my uterus. Like, would it work? Would it work RIGHT? Would it go the WHOLE 10 yards? When it turned out that yes, my uterus would do its bit for the good of the DNA Project, I was relieved. Then, I sorta forgot about the ole Ute because then I got distracted by my breasts, who also managed to step up to the plate and do THEIR job. Anyway, in short, it turns out this whole Battling the Blues bit was actually PMS.

You do the math. Cripes. Nice touch that it happened over Memorial Day, though.

Damn, he's sure worth it. Especially when he gives slurpy, slimy, tongue-laden kisses. THERE's the love.

Simian Snaps

I like that cat toys can double as baby toys. And vice versa - as evidenced by mysteriously placed toys WELL before Arun was old enough to play with them.

What's so special about this picture is that I could not have posed it better myself. He does this thing where he pushes or tosses toys ahead of him so that he can crawl/scoot after it. It's as if he is playing fetch with himself. And since I am prone to think that just about anything he does is utterly adorable........


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

That is adorable. I love that it's a Frontline mouse.

Anonymous said...

Sucks about the PMS! Took a year after my daughter was born for my cycle to resume and I didn't miss that rollercoaster ride ONE BIT.

Rozanne said...

The Ol' Ute. Haaaaaaa. I don't know why but that cracked me up.

Nice (I guess) to at least have an explanation for your blues.

aibee said...

I think I'll be skipping PMS altogether in favor of menopause.

I also think that anything Arun does is adorable. :)