December 13, 2005

If you don’t have dreams, what’s the point of tomorrow?

My Little Dreamboat - EIGHT weeks old. Damn.

Yet again, X is in Virginia - most probably Fairfax at this time of day. It has been far tougher than I thought to have a small baby and have X travel so much. Grueling, at times. Particularly when your exhausted baby desperately wants to suck on his thumb, but lacks the coordination to pull it all together. Sigh........ Single Mothers everywhere, I salute you. At least X comes home on the weekends. I do have what I would consider a pretty cushy life, so I really try not to grouse too much. However, I bristle at the many, many comments inferring that X has deserted us. To the contrary, this has been OUR decision to live this lifestyle - a plan we certainly came up with together. What are the alternatives? Well, for one, X could sell his stake in his company, stay in Kansas City, and get a comfy corporate gig somewhere. But that isn’t his style - he has an entrepreneurial spirit and moving into a corporate position would make for a very unsatisfying career path. We could also just pack up and move to Virginia. However, X would still be traveling - most certainly back to Kansas City. Nothing would make me resentful quicker than X traveling back to MY home town while I am stuck in a strange state by myself with an uncoordinated, small baby. So, after careful consideration, we decided to stay in the Kansas City for the time being - hopefully, the next 2 years. X will be back in KC for long weekends (he still needs to work here anyway) and occasionally Chimp Boy and I will hop on a plane and hang out in Virginia, as well. Yes, we are only heading off the inevitable, but if we can stay in Kansas City for 2 more years, it will help in the short term - emotionally and financially.

So, this year has been a big, big year for us. We fulfilled several dreams this year and gave birth to TWO babies, of sorts. The most obvious one, being the little monkey asleep (Finally!!) in the room across the hall. The less obvious one - X’s company. For 5 years now, we have dreamed of X’s company getting investment funding. Friday, that dream became real as they closed on 1st round funding. Let me tell you - true love is hanging out on Cloud 9 just because your partner fulfilled one of HIS dreams. Is this the end? No, because one dream leads to another and ultimately, shouldn't that be the very cycle of life? Once you stop reaching for the future, isn’t that REALLY the end?

So, yes. Dreams CAN come true. And it’s a little mindblowing when they do.

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