December 23, 2005

How many wrongs make a write?

Anyone who knows me remotely knows how much I like to be right. In fact, I have been known to go to great lengths to prove this “rightness”. As I have gotten older, I have tried to tame this obnoxious trait. Well, Internet, I have been wrong - a few times.......

All these months, every time someone tries to Ass-vise me about my 2-door, family unfriendly car, I’d snip right back that we would be just fine. In truth, we WERE just fine with 2 doors and could have easily made it to the Summer 2006 marker as planned. HOWEVER, it was indeed a pain in the ass trucking His Royal Highness around in it. Fortunately, life intervened and we found it necessary to purchase a 3rd car (X needs a car in Virginia now). So, last weekend we bought a 4 door, family friendly car. I have never bought a brand spankin’ new car before and I admit, it was quite a treat to drive it off the lot. I’ve also mentioned before that X is not the stereotypical Indian - even though he came to me sans Asian Head Bob and SingSong Accent, he did come with some stellar bargaining skills that would make his own mama proud. My heart did little flipflops as he wheeled and dealed our way into that car. So, Christmas came a week early for me and RidiculousTV has a new friend in the form of RidiculousCar replete with a boatload of Silly Features. The car does everything except make me a cup of coffee.

How else have I been wrong? Throughout my 20s, I fretted about having a baby as I had been told I might have problems in that area. Without going into embarrassingly graphic detail, today marks the day that X and I started "trying" for a baby last year. Little did I know that I would be peeing on a stick by early February and taking pics of my monkey under our tree a scant year later. My head still spins at how quickly everything happened, but I am very, VERY appreciative of how easy I have had it. I couldn't have asked for a better pregnancy experience and so far, the kid is pretty swell, also.

Sometimes - just sometimes, it’s not so bad being wrong. Maybe I should try being wrong more often.

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