July 12, 2008

Where the hell was Crush when Marlin and Dory needed him so?

Did you know that sea turtles eat jellyfish? I did not know this. But Arun did and was fairly nonchalant in relaying this tidbit of terrapinesque information while working his "ocean creatures" puzzle. As he worked out the jellyfish part of the puzzle, he observed "Turtles eat jellyfish." I was thinking "Yeah, right - you silly boy." and looked up what turtles do eat so that I could tell him. You know, as a learning lesson to show him that Mama Knows More Than Arun. *Double Gulp* And so it begins, Innernets. I am officially on my way to Maternal Stupidity (which peaks in about 13 years, so the experts say.)
Man, we are definitely getting our entertainment mileage out of the Wii (cracked noggins notwithstanding.) I realize how lame it is to admit this, but my shoulder is acting up from all the backhand shots I have to take against Lefty McLefty In the Back Corner. Let's not even get started on my foot. It is getting worse, not better (playing basketball in our driveway while barefoot did not help. Not Help.) Oh sure, I suppose it could be considered unwholesome that we are playing a video game in the name of Family Festivity, but hello! It is not as if we have Pa Ingalls here to play the fiddle by the fireplace. We are in the suburbs, after all.
I thought it would be wise of me to update my color for BlogHer next week (I have been going gray since my early 20s and regular coloring is imperative since Salt n' Peppa was only cool briefly in the 90s, and even that was in music. Not hair.) While I am not a fan of Garnier Nutrisse styling products (too heavy), I do like their shampoo/conditioner and their hair colors. I have been using a few of their hair colors for quite awhile now and have relied on selecting from the perky models cheerfully peering at me from the packaging. Over the years, they have become like personal cheerleaders in my haircoloring adventures. Because I always chose from the models, I long ago stopped paying attention to the numbers.

Garnier updated their packaging and changed all the models.

I think I picked the right shade, but I was a bit flustered because someone was shrieking bloody murder from her lofty perch in the shopping cart. Someone who may have to color her own damned hair someday. Someone who should understand that mama wants to look 37, not 67.

Speaking of BlogHer, I have not talked about it too much here for fear of this becoming the Nanny-Nanny Boo-Boo Blog of I Am Going to BlogHer 08 and You Are Not, So Listen to Me BRAG, BRAG, BRAG. Here's the thing. If nobody writes about it, how will everyone know how much fun the conference is? How inspiring it is? How motivational it is? When I waddled my pregnant ass through BlogHer 05, I was not that heavy into blogging. I thought it would be a sweet last boondoggle with Average Jane before I gave birth to my inevitable soul-sucking kid a few months later. And it was a fun boondoggle. But I was also incredibly inspired to pick up the pace of my blogging and to work on my writing style. I think anyone perusing my archives would notice a little difference beginning in the latter part of 05. It is easy to attribute that to Arun's birth, but truly, BlogHer had something to do with it. So, I will talk about BlogHer 08 a bit this week and the week after. Be assured, that I am only doing so because I want folks to be excited about the conference and to start saving their dimes and nickels now so that we can all rock BlogHer 09 together.

On a related note, there has been much talk about Power Bloggers this and Nobody Likes Me that. People, blog for yourself first. Years ago, I struggled with the fact that I am a nobody blogger. I was frustrated that few people were (are!) reading me and questioned why I put so much effort into this little site. Then, I found the intrinsic satisfaction of writing something for myself and connecting with folks - all while recording my memories of these mind-boggling years of early motherhood. It is not about the traffic, that is for sure. Yes, I am looking into putting up ads here (more on that later), but I will never be a Power Blogger. I am totally down with that. I am here because I have made some incredible friends and I hope to continue doing so.


Average Jane said...

Are people complaining about pre-BlogHer posts? Guess I didn't pick up on that.

I always feel like kind of a blogging underachiever, but when I think about all the friends I've made through blogging, I realize that THAT is the whole point of the exercise, not some vague "fame" thing.

Then again, it wasn't too long ago that another blogger got really excited that I'd commented on her blog. My reaction was the writer equivalent of looking behind you to see if someone is pointing to someone else. Really? Me? Oh, well, thanks!

I don't know where I'm going with this.

Cagey said...

Yes, there have been some complaints. One blogger even wrote about "not being invited" and feeling left out. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I have been a Lawrence lurker on both you and Average Jane for since Arun was first born and I am so glad you both blog! I love to read about both of your different lives and I get some great ideas from both of you. Keep it up, I don't know what I would do if I did not get to read you guys everyday. Plus the pics of the kids always make me smile, they are so adorable. Have a great time at Blogher 08, I cannot wait to see the pics and hear about the conference.

flybunny said...

I got out homeworked when the oldest was in 3rd grade (have now bookmarked several math websites that I use to brush up on things forgotten) so I know where you are coming from.

As for Blogher, I don't mind the posts pre or post, but honestly I don't know that I would ever feel comfortable going for many reasons some personal, some pratical but I know that those of you who go will have a great time.

When you get back, we need to get together! Call me...

meno said...

Oh, if only more people would blog for themselves. Truer words were never written.

Go and have fun.

Anonymous said...

So, I just read your blog for the first time! You write this little blog for yourself, and it seems like a fun way to vent.

And now you've got one more faithful reader here to enjoy your rancid raves. You come by your humor honestly.

P.S. I've got to admit it, I'm getting a kick out of it! :)

The little sister

CPA Mom said...

I'm not tired of the BlogHer posts. I personally don't see myself going to any more BlogHers (the inclusiveness of so many of the women there really turned me off) but it doesn't matter one wit to me if you go and talk about it. I would read your grocery list if that was all you posted, just to see the snappage of the babies! Tehehehe. Have a WONDERFUL time!

MLE said...

Have a great time at BlogHer, from one no-Power blogger to another! I wish I were going, but alas, the timing did not work out like I hoped it would. And give Monkey an assgrab for me.

Stephanie said...

Please keep blogging about BlogHer! There's very little chance I'll ever be able to afford to go unless it was in my own city (although, even then I'm assuming you have to pay to go to the events, so even that's doubtful), so I have to live vicariously through all of you who do go. :-)

Also, love the story about Arun knowing more about a turtle's diet than you do... too cute!

Diana said...

Personally, I can't wait to hear you go on about BlogHer as I won't be there and how else am I going to read about it? From some disreputable stranger?

I can't imagine being a Power Blogger. All that stress. Sheesh.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Oh, I'm not at all fake-nervous that people won't like me. I own the off-puttingness!!

Conversation held after BB introduced me to one of his investment banking buddies.

Me: Baby, you need to help me work on my general charm skills. He was giving me the weird face.

BB: Well, honey, around certain types of people you shouldn't pretend to be an unemployed squirrel with a Cockney accent. Or use your cockney accent fullstop.

Me: *indignant* YOU brought that joke up. And then you fell off your seat laughing while your friend gave me the stinkeye.

BB: oh yeah. Sorry. I like you the way you are.

See, in life the important people love that you pretend to be an unemployed squirrel with a cockney accent, so who cares about the ones who don't?

My take on it, anyway.