July 24, 2008

How much is that puppy in the window?

Great balls of fire, Innernets. X has come across a FREE puppy found in a dumpster. A wee black Labrador, to be exact. The breed he has always wanted. Now, if this puppy was a husky (preferably a Malamute), I would be all over that. Maybe. Um. Perhaps not. We go back and forth on the dog issue about once a year.

I am more than okay with our current pet situation.

The cats? Got that covered. Throw them some water and food. Occasionally, serve as their personal doorman letting them in and out and in and out and in and out.

The tarantula? The easiest pet ever in the Domestication of Things Wild. Throw in some crickets, wish them the best. Then, later on, pick out the carcasses, dribble some water in Sofia's thimble-sized water dish, mist her cage. Oh, snap.

A dog? I do not feel ready for that sort of commitment.

I say, until all the children in our house have full sets of molars, can butter their toast, can dress themselves and most importantly, can wipe their own asses, I am just not ready for a dog.

Not. Ready.


Moderndayhermit said...

I always tell my husband, "When Emma dies, no more dogs." She's a black lab and I adore her but my goodness she was a lot of work when she was a pup. I was very lucky that she has never been a chewer and she rarely barks. She's really a great dog but it took her 5 years to get there.

Oh, and HAIR. It is EVERYWHERE. We purchased the Dyson and it is wonderful but the buckets of hair in the summer are atrocious. I purchased a $60 dog brush that combed off enough hair to make 4 small animals.

Oh, and we also pay a small fortune for boarding when we go out of town. I'm talking the cost of a rental car for the entire trip.

Anonymous said...

I subscribe to the one ass rule. As in: At any given moment, I will only be responsible for wiping one ass. So as long as my children are still in diapers, I will not be potty training a dog.

So far, it's worked. But Noise REALLY wants a puppy.

Randi said...

Malamute? We got two of those! In February we went ahead and got 2 10 week old malamutes named Kamik and Takaani (you'll find them somewhere on my site, and on my flickr acct). They're now 8 (or 9?) months old and almost 65 lbs.

That makes THREE dogs, TWO cats, TWO kids, TWO cars, ONE mortgage, ONE husband, and a partridge in a pear tree!

meno said...

I'm still sniffling over the thought of someone putting a puppy into a dumpster. Asshole!!!!

Thank you to X for rescuing the puppy, no matter what you do with her/him, it will be better than the dumpster.

Mamma Sarah said...

They say that you shouldn't get a dog until all kids are 3 and older anyway... so you've got a little time still. :-D

Marilyn said...

Just back away, sister. Puppies and small kids DO NOT MIX. FAIL! FAIL!

Heed my warning...

Chocolate Covered Susan said...

I have to second what moderndayhermit and marilyn said - step away from the puppy! Find a no-kill shelter or neighbor that will take it and don't look back.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

If you get another pet you're going to officially be part of a menagerie!!!

Diana said...

I am so amazed how you resisted the cuteness of a puppy. They are wonderful but so much work. And, as many have commented on, The Hair. Oh, lord, the hair. And you just can't get up and go, like you can with cats and spiders. When they're babies, you can't even leave them for more than a couple of hours, and that's if you've a crate or something for them so they can't get into mischief.

But they are wonderful, though, good of you to think of a puppy as a baby that will require quite a lot of time and attention. One baby at a time is sensible.