July 15, 2008

Why not?

So. I have joined the BlogHer Ad network and I am pretty excited about it. Basically what happened is that X would ask me why I was not doing ads and eventually, I ran out of answers.I am not sure what else to say. I am calling the whole thing "Selling Out and Buying In" which probably explains it best. I will not make tons of money with my current traffic, but whatever I make will go towards my very favorite bookstore, the Dusty Bookshelf in Lawrence. Why yes, I am a total whore when it comes to books. Anyway, those of you peering in through feed readers will not notice the difference since I will not change my full feeds status - Lordy, how I loathe the partial feed. Also, I did clean up my sidebar a bit and added my Twitter stuff, Ravelry link, etc..

In other exciting news, Sofia, our pink-toed tarantula, molted this past weekend. It freaked me out because I was gone most of Sunday and when I looked in her cage, it seemed that there were TWO tarantulas in there. But, um, no. She had merely shed her skin. She is absolutely gorgeous now. Beautiful. I have included a snap of her at the very end of this post, be warned. More snaps of her are on the Flickrage, including one of her molt. And yes, the whole thing was sorta creepy.

In even more exciting news, Arun has learned how to open up the gate that blocks the stairs. To both his and Anjali's delight. Excellent. X and I discovered this as we were playing Wii - we happened to look over and saw Arun pull up the gate and say "Anju, wanna come up, too?" They both giggled maniacally the entire trip up (with us closely observing for safety - we are not that negligent, I assure you.) Anyway - we are so screwed now.

So, I am totally ramped up to head out to SF this week for BlogHer 08. I will not be posting while there because all those years of business travel cured of me of the compelling need to travel with a laptop. However, I will be peeping away on Twitter. Anjali and I get into SFO Thursday evening and we will hop onto BART. I still have not decided where to eat that night, but I am leaning towards the Pot Sticker (X's site, FoodieBytes.com, came in handy for this trip.) I want to hang low with Anju that evening and just let her get used to everything since the next two evenings she will be running around a bit. I am rooming with Monkey in a Suit who strong-armed me into a new haircut, but has graciously offered to style it. I have to keep reminding myself that I have not actually met her because I already know her so well via phone and email. Also, I cannot wait to see Marilyn and Brit. I still have not decided whose leg I will hump first. I hope they will not be offended. Too much.

And yes, Brit, I am still kicking myself that I did not approach Arianna Huffington. If she is there this year, I am totally going to assgrab her. Or just say "Hi." Maybe.

Simian Snaps

This snap brought tears to my eyes. I have so wanted a nice photo of the two of them together. I think I finally have something worthy of blowing up into an 8x10 and framing. What do you think?

Those eyes still get me.

The Birthday Girl dressed in her finest.

Invertebrate Snaps

Sofia, post-molt. (Common name: pink-toed tarantula, Latin name: avicularia avicularia)


Chocolate Covered Susan said...

That is the BEST picture I've seen of the two of them together! Definitely get a big print of it. I didn't believe you when you said Sofia looked so beautiful after the molting (spiders are not my idea of beautiful), but I see what you mean - she sparkles now!!
Have a blast in SF - I can't wait to hear all about it.

Moderndayhermit said...

Wow, what an awesome pic of the two kiddos! Wow, the two of them are just so precious and both have such engaging eyes. And Anjali's hair!

Between these and my son's display of "watching the baby" this weekend...KILLING ME.

I have to admit that is one good-looking tarantula. (I can't believe those words came out of my mouth.)

Rayne of Terror said...

Did Arun get a haircut recently? He suddenly look so much older. Have a great time in San Fran. Keep an eye out for my twin, she'll be wearing a blue t-shirt that says @leahjones - everyday. She's twitterati.

Kristen said...

Have a great time at BlogHer. I hope Anjali goes with the flow and not against it! Good for you on the advertising thing. If there is money to be had you might as well get you some of it!

flybunny said...

Arun looks so grown up and yes that picture is definately a framer - how precious are those 2 kiddos.

Hope you have a great time, I wish I was going to San Fran - I haven't been there in several years and that is a city I love so give it a big ol smooch for me!

Orah said...

8x10? id do even bigger. that is STUNNING.

Marilyn said...

Your spider freaks me out.

And...whatever. You're totally humping my leg first cuz Brit can't be bothered to show up until SATURDAY. She's just gonna have to deal with sloppy seconds.

elizasmom said...

Add my vote to those saying yep, that pic is awesome!

And also to those saying, wow, never thought I'd be complimenting someone's pretty spider, but that is a really cute, and pretty, spider.

Anjali said...

Lovely pictures. Hell, even Sophia is starting to grow on me.

Rozanne said...

Kids = supercute

Tarantula, um, well I don't think I could ever get used to that. And the molt. Brrrrrrrrr!