July 28, 2008

What did I learn at BlogHer 08?

Someone asked the very valid question as to what it was that I learned at BlogHer 08. What with all the drama and snipping that has been going on, you would think that all we did was drink and snub each other. While I am not going to go into detail on the sessions I attended, I can highlight some things I came away with. For more details on each session, I recommend you check out the Liveblog section for BlogHer 08.

I learned the following:
  1. I learned that corporate America and the media has, indeed, taken notice of the lowly mommyblogger. Sure, I have heard and read much of this newfound love but, um, wow. It blew me away how the sponsors and media were all over this event. I felt like I was being courted or romanced.
  2. I learned some things I need to look out for as a mommyblogger in regard to privacy and security. For one, I really need to figure out how to watermark my photos (something I have been meaning to do). Otherwise, I am fairly satisfied with how I have handled privacy and security on this site. One important note that was brought up was the fact that every parentblogger needs to keep a running tally of "information" he/she has written about before to ensure privacy. For example, I do try to keep my writing of my son's school at a very minimum for security purposes. Also, I keep a mental list of what I have already revealed to prevent me from accidentally revealing more information that would allow someone to "connect the dots" as to where he goes to school.
  3. I learned that I am so very, very happy with my current level and makeup of my traffic. Sure, I have gotten some rude comments in the past, but none ever progressed to the level of Trollworthy. One blogger, in the Naked Blogging session, brought nearly the entire room to tears with her experiences with two trolls. And believe me, the blogger in question is fairly innocuous so it was such a disturbing story to hear. It could happen to any one of us out here.
  4. As far as commercialization and monetization goes, I learned that I am probably most comfortable with just staying in the BlogHer Ad network and with some pimping myself out to publishers to review books. I am not really jazzed about reviewing tons of different products (NO LAUNDRY DETERGENT EVER), but I do think that reviewing books fits into what I have been doing here for the past 4 years.
  5. I learned that Macy's is a fairly odd and uncomfortable place to host a cocktail hour. Yikes.


Average Jane said...

Why is everyone always so down on the laundry detergent? I'd take free laundry detergent! :D

Cagey said...

Not Your Average Jane,
If I ever receive any, I will be sure to send it to you! :-)

JenX67 said...

The reviews of Blogher have been mixed at best. It reminds me of a bad slumber party experience from 4grade where all the girls singled out one poor girl and picked on her all night. No thank you.

Velma said...

It was nice to meet you and your gorgeous daughter at BlogHer! I felt the same about what I took away from the conference. I'm glad I had the chance to go and meet so many different people, but I'm not so much about the swag or monetization, either.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Nice & concise; sorry we didn't get to meet (completely my own fault :D). Totally agree about Macy's - that was very weird.