April 25, 2007

Why isn't the word 'gullible' in the dictionary?

I think this is my favorite post title yet*

Today, I am very appreciative of my SAHM status. Arun woke up with a low-grade fever and was a ragdoll. He just needed some Motrin and lots of snuggling so I held him for about 3 hours this morning. And I was extremely grateful that I have the luxury and flexibility of being able to clear my schedule just for him. He's doing okay now, but I think we have some serious teething going on. I was wrestling with him yesterday and swinging him backwards at Deanna Rose. I got a good gander at his wide open mouth and was SHOCKED to find that he has already cut a molar even though he only has 4 front top teeth (although 2 others are being worked on). The accountant in me had thought they would just come in perfect order. Guess not. I am assuming now that all the craziness with him a few weeks back was probably due to teething. I think that is the #1 thing that just SUCKS about teething - it's always, always hindsight. Rarely, at the time of his being fussy or having sleep issues do I attribute it to teething - not until awhile later. Usually, I just chalk up his fussiness to my Bad Parenting. Bah.

I am feeling so much better, Health Wise, but DAMMIT, Pregnancy Wise I am neck deep in the throes of a 3rd Trimester Pregnancy with all of its aches, pains, breathlessness and nausea (all normal, at least). I am trying to not be too resentful that I wasted the precious 2nd Trimester with the various colds, bacterial infections, headaches and such, but it's hard. Anyway, all the things I had wanted to get done will still be there waiting even after NewKid is born. It's hard to believe I am nearly 30 weeks along - just 10 weeks or so to go. While this pregnancy has not been nearly as enjoyable as with Arun, I am just trying to focus on my immense excitement of having a new baby. I can't wait to meet her! I will say this, her movements now are SO much fun - I can discern her head now and do think it's really cool at this point when you can tell that you have a little human inside. The earlier movements are always more like little thumps and taps - these movements are pretty cool. And as with Arun, I always try to stop whatever I am doing at the moment and just enjoy them. So, yeah - it's not all bad.

Shameless Promotion
Today at my BoobLog I am discussing nursing in public - the post is titled Public Enemy #1. I am still not clear where society at large thinks nursing mothers are supposed to feed their children.

*Admit it - how many of you looked??


lorib said...

I'll admit it, you almost got me -- I was thinking about looking and then got the joke. And it is very cute that you thought Arun's teeth would come in neat little rows. You know, since everything else with a toddler is so orderly, LOL.

I too am totally enjoying the baby kicks and punches.

EEK! said...

What the hell, how are you 30 weeks already? My head is spinning over here. Speedy!

Modern Day Hermit said...

30 weeks? Wow. I'm thinking time moves faster the older you get...

I hated being pregnant due to feeling so limited but I loved it when he started to move and I could see where he was, as uncomfortable as it was. There is just nothing like it, IMO.

I did the exact same thing just last week. Alex was being a total pain and after a few days when he was yawning I noticed all these teeth coming in the back. I doped him up with some Tylenol and he was back to his normal self while I went out in the garage to bang my head in the wall.

Lisa said...

Your 30 wks along. WHere did that time go?

That's wild that Arun's getting molars. I didn't realize they could get them that early too.

Christy said...

Teething is tough. I just realized that Porgie has sprouted two upper teeth. Like you, I often think her fussy behavior and horrible sleeping habits are just a result of my lack of good parenting skills.

Wow - 30 weeks. Can you believe you'll have two babies to care for in just 10 weeks? You must be so excited, and maybe a little nervous.

I hope these last 10 weeks are awesome.

Marilyn said...

Seriously, what is WITH the freakin' teeth? I just kvetched about this very subject on my blog? And yes, the behavior exhibited by Arun is sounding very familiar around here these days. Maybe someday, Liam will let me put him down again.

Diana said...

I'm always amazed at how fast other peoples pregnancies go. Can't wait for you to meet her, either.