April 24, 2007

Do cows have calf muscles?

This week is cuh-razy, but it's good. All good.

Last week, the antibiotics kicked in and I started to feel better from the cold, but I was hesitant to post about my good fortune for fear I would jinx myself. It didn't matter anyway because on Wednesday I ate at the stupid Yardhouse at the Legends. I was sick for the next two days (thankfully, Arun had only a few bites, so he was only mildly under the weather). Honestly, it ruined my birthday. It's a damned shame when you are eating tapas for your special birthday meal and you think you are going to hurl the whole time. Anyway, the Yardhouse is OUT. Two strikes and you are OUT, baby. I had a bad experience the first time I ate there, but was willing to give it another go for the sake of a group meal. Never again.

Fortunately, by Saturday I was fairly recovered. On Sunday, we went to the zoo. It was SO much fun to take Arun. He is quite taken with animals right now - his stuffed animals, his animal toys, his animal books, animals on TV - it's all about animals right now. Oh sure, he still loves his cars - he loads his animals up into them and gives them rides around the house. To take him to the zoo was awesome - we had gone to Deanna Rose last week, but the zoo? Blew.His.Mind. He tried to scramble into the area where the kangaroos were because it's not fenced off- fortunately, he isn't that fast and we were able to get him in time. The cutest part was when he saw the zebras and proceeded to "count" them (dah...dee....dee....dah...) Counting is another big thing with him right now - nah, he can't actually count, but he likes to imitate what he has heard us doing since we've been working on his numbers.

Last week, we did have a development with Arun. He's had words for awhile now, but they were random and he wasn't necessarily repeating what WE said. Last week, it's as if he had a V8 and realized "Hey, wait a second. I don't have to come with this crap on my own and can just repeat what YOU say? Brilliant!". He hasn't morphed into a little Pete Repeat quite yet, but for sure, my Swearing Days are coming to an end. Sniff. I'll miss my little pot mouth. Fuck yeah, I will miss it. Sniff.

Anyway - like I said - this week is CRAZY. First, I started the new site or as I call it "the one with 2 breasts" - I got the offer last last week and totally wasn't planning on it for this week. We also have our neighborhood garage sale this weekend. Most of our crap has been languishing in a designated "garage sale room" in our basement. Believe me - that's the height of luxury - having so much empty space in your finished basement that your junk gets its own place of honor. So, the stuff is ready to go, but I do need to price it. Bookwise - I did finish Atonement by Ian McEwan and my review can be found at my GoodReads account. I am now working on Tripping the Prom Queen and the Thirteenth Tale, both of which are due at the end of this week. Yikes. I've been knitting a storm, but am behind on TV. Hmmm... what else? Oh, I guess I am in charge of a human being and gestating yet another one as well. That keeps me busy, I suppose.

I am trying out a new babysitter today. My neighbor is a teacher and basketball coach for one of our high schools here - this babysitter is a student of his and has babysat for them as well over the years. I am going to say it straight - having a babysitter is absolutely the KEY to keeping your sanity - particularly if you stay home full-time. It blows my mind when gals stay home full-time and don't do babysitters. I wonder if the fact that I've had a fairly consistent babysitter since Arun was 5 weeks old is why I have kept my sanity this past 18 months? Just 4 hours a week is enough to let me run out and do quick errands or even get a haircut - if I have nothing to do, I will go read or knit at a coffee shop nearby. Anyway - I am going to have to let Cousin J go. I was going to go ahead and keep her, but she flaked AGAIN last week. It really breaks my heart to let her go because 1) she is family and 2) Arun ADORES her. The last time she came, Arun and I were upstairs. I heard J come in and I told Arun to go on down and greet her. By the time I got downstairs, he was in her arms hugging her with his head on his shoulder - he hadn't seen her for awhile and it was apparent he had a missed her. I am a sucker for my kid, so I was going to relent and keep her on. Then, she proceed to flake out the very next week which is allowing me to stiffen my resolve Sorry, Arun - your first heartbreak is the worst. Suck it up, big boy.

Anyway - I have SO much more empathy for working moms who have issues with their daycare. Back in my days of Armchair Parenting, I would get all up in arms over Daycare Issues and declare that parents should say something! It's their child! They are the customer! Yeah - color me in lovely shades of Hypocrite because now I realize how hard it is to say something to the person TAKING CARE OF YOUR CHILD. You don't exactly want to piss them off, eh? Now, I can see that. Bah.

Shameless Promotion. Because I am Shamelessly Shameless.
I will probably continue to promote my new site this week. If you aren't interested in my breasts, then just ignore the shameless plugs. Although, I would have to seriously wonder why you aren't interested in my breasts. What's wrong with you? Anyway, today I am talking about how Breast IS Best but formula ain't half bad, either. It's my version of "Dude, give peace a chance".


Leah said...

I love your breasts. In a cool, functional, non-creepy way.

I think it's sad that people on both sides feel so judged. Us breastfeeders will get the whole premptive anti-judging speech, formula users will get snotty looks, everyone hates everyone. I don't get it. It is sad.

Christy said...

I just read your Breast IS Best article. Very impressive. You stated your opinions, without coming off as pushy or judgemental. Great job!

By the way, Porgie and I struggled with breastfeeding. I ended up pumping exclusively for 6 months. I used a medela classic double electric pump, which I rented. It is a great pump. Without it, Porgie would have been given formula exclusively.

All this talk about your breast made me want to talk about my breasts. Sorry!

Modern Day Hermit said...

Excellent articles over yonder. Guess I should comment there, eh?

Isn't this age awesome! I am unable to properly articulate how incredible I think it is.

I hear you about the babysitter, my babysitter goes through wipes like he's shitting 14 times a day but I figure...pick your battles. Alex loves them and I don't have to grab my ankles to take him there...can't win 'em all!

Diana said...

Oh the zoo, the zoo! I'm so happy that it's finally zoo season up here. We've a great free one 30 minutes away. Think I'll take Sara up there as soon as it quits raining.

I've about 30 pages left in TtPQ. Thank goodness it's a fast read.