April 8, 2007

In which section does the Bible get
shelved in a library - fiction or non-fiction?

Updated: For some great discussion regarding last night's episode of The Sopranos, may I direct your attention to Throwing Things? They also have some links over to some other great discussions such as Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller Seitz.

re: Easter - Um, we didn't do much. We're heathens like that. I did throw some plastic eggs out onto our overgrown lawn and handed Arun his Elmo bucket from Halloween. He had a blast loading up the basket, but abandoned it halfway through in order to redirect his efforts to throwing around some mulch. Priorities. Sorry 'bout that, Jesus.

re: Injuries - Innernets, we've applied our first band aid. Arun cut himself on something. Since there were no trails of blood on the variety of shivs and razors we have laying around, I'm assuming it's a papercut. Probably, from one of the various manuscripts about that Pigeon character, don't let that bird's bug-eyed, innocent demeanor fool you - he's a nasty sort.

re: Farmer's Markets - Since I am without a soul and didn't do much to celebrate Jesus' death, I had plenty of time to research farmer's markets in the Kansas City area - check out my post on Kansas City Kitty. I've listed 17 different markets in the area - after much digging around. I rock!

re: The Sopranos - My favorite band of thugs is back! My prediction is that the Big! Bang! episode will happen in the next to last episode. Mark my words. If you look at past seasons, they NEVER had the Big! Bang! on the last episode. Instead, the last episode was always a Wind Down episode.

re: Stroller Derby 2007 - After much research, a twin stroller has been purchased. (Confession: I started researching when I found out I was pregnant. Um, like THAT week. I love, LOVE strollers and would own several if given the choice. But we are not a rich people, so I had to make a decision on ONE.) I finally decided on the Combi Twin Savvy EX - basically, the double version of the stroller we own currently. I bought it on eBay and I believe it is a last year's model (albeit new) because it is in a color that is not offered any longer. However, I didn't like the new colors anyway and the one I found is the same color as our single model. Anyway, we need a stroller that is lightweight and durable. A stroller that can be folded as I hold a baby in my arms or Baby Bjorn while keeping an eye on a toddler. A stroller that can be thrown over my shoulder in a pinch when trying to get through airports, on buses, or into subways. A stroller that is self-standing when folded. A stroller that is comfortable enough to push around a zoo, our neighborhood or on vacation. A stroller that can fit through a standard door and easily navigate aisles when shopping. The Combi met all of those requirements. The Maclaren was a close call because it's a nice ride, but frankly, it was heavier, not easily folded, had no attached shoulder strap and was simply more bulky. I am very excited about the Combi and will be sure to report back.

re: Pity Party - I am still ill. STILL ILL. And for extra gooeylicious FUN, there's New Stuff going on that I am going to have to call the doctor about because it is worrisome (I've been shaky/dizzy the entire weekend despite eating non-stop). For the record, I have been sick pretty much non-stop since mid-November. I battled morning sickness (yeah, normal, but still painful!), I've had FOUR colds (as opposed to my normal 1-2 per season), a variety of splitting headaches (thanks, Pregnancy Hormones!), a bout with food poisoning (Korma Sutra Indian Buffet, you're on notice!). And the only medicine I can take while I am pregnant is Tylenol. TYLENOL. As Dorothy aptly puts it - "that's like grabbing a rubber ducky while drowning". I am frustrated because I enjoyed the pregnancy with Arun so much and I don't feel like I've gotten to relish this one nearly as much. I am SO incredibly excited about the NewKid, but am tired of being goopy all of the time and I just can't seem to catch a break. I am weary and I suspect this blog is beginning to reflect that. Bah. Where the fuck is Julie Andrews when you need her perky ass?


Lisa said...

I am so sorry you've been sick so much. THAT SUCKS. Gah.

BUt very happy about your cool stroller deal. Gotta love that!

We're heathens (for the most part) too. But I think spending the whole day around my very Catholic family... That's got to count for SOMETHING, right? heehee.

liebhaberin said...

As a future librarian, I can tell you that the bible is shelved with the non fiction in the library.

On a side note--I did see the dead sea scrolls yesterday. Does that count?

CPA_Mom said...

in re: We didn't go to church either. Mass + preschoolers - normal nursery not open for Easter = chaos.

in re: The Sopranos! I know! It's the only show I watch on T.V. Last night was vintage, I tell you, vintage.

in re: Injuries. I can't believe you made it this long without band aids. A miracle child.

in re: Pity Party - allowed! Just Tylenol does suck. It's like trying to soak up a full glass of milk with a single paper towel. Hope you feel better soon!

Christy said...

Tylenol is for suckers. That shit doesn't work.

I am sorry you feel so awful, but what is it you always say on my blog - "This too shall pass." Before you know it, you'll be back to your old self again.

Hang in there.

Jenny said...

Sound of Music was on last night, on ABC Family, thank you very much. I found it flipping and watched until the end. I love that movie.

Re: the shaking/dizzy? DO you normally have allergies? Because I do, and this weekend, with the things blooming combined with the freak cold snap and the insane wind, I bore a headache all weekend long, which I could not shake. Its sinus pressure, and it was brutal. For me, said sinus pressure can be so much force it makes me dizzy.
My doc always let me continue taking basic allergy meds, like Claritin, and sudafed as needed, but some don't like it.
Also, sometimes when baskets of easter candy lie around, we forget how much we really are eating. Er, maybe that's just me.

Leah said...

I'm sorry you're sick. It's that kind of crap that made me hate pregnancy. I love the baby part, just not the pregnancy part. Well, maybe it was mostly the passing of two kidney stones while allowed to take nothing but Tylenol. Yep, no more babies for us for a while at least.

The Sopranos was good, but I had forgotten how difficult it is to watch. I love Big Love because I don't have to cover my eyes as often...