April 11, 2007

What, me whine?

No, not I. Never.

Sometimes, bickering with your spouse can lead to good things. Oh, like say that your husband gets most persnickety all over your ass and insists you call the doctor about your cold. What a concept, I know!! But I usually don't bother with colds. So, call the doctor I did, I got an appointment right away and when I saw her, even she said I did the right thing. This cough has been lingering for 2 weeks and it looks like I have an infection. I dutifully left her office with scrips for an antibiotic and inhaler in hand. I haven't taken an antibiotic for years because I'm trying to do my part in preventing the Super Bacteria from joining forces with Bin Laden. Also, I had to snicker when the pharmacist gave instructions for how to use the inhaler because it's pretty much the same process for taking hits off a bong - even down to the "hold it for 30 seconds" part. I mean, not that I really know much about bong hits. ahem.

One thing I love about my doctor is that she dispenses great advice in other areas of life as well. I've been struggling with reading Atonement by Ian McEwan. Dr. S saw I had the book and she asked how it was. I told her that while sick, I still have to read, but struggle reading books and resort to magazines, which I am SO tired of at this point. She said she has the same issue and that she turns to children's literature when she is sick - it's often lighter fare and doesn't require the concentration of an adult novel. So, while I am still recovering, I am going to turn my attention to my Reading Past - I haven't decided - Island of the Blue Dolphins? A Wrinkle in Time? The Secret Garden? Laura Ingalls Wilder?? I may go with the most recent Harry Potter, since I need to re-read it anyway before the last one comes out this summer.

The one saving grace in all this creeping crud is that Arun has been a total Sparkle in my dreary days. Lately, he's been all snuggly and kisses and "eskimos" (nose rubs) and smiles and giggles and Utter Sweetness. We also had a Big Boy moment yesterday. We went to Papa Keno's last night for dinner and Arun settled down in his booster seat (no high chair! Sob.) Then, he got to drawing with his crayons while we waited for the food. He carefully drank his water from a regular cup and straw. Then, he proceed to eat his meatballs all by himself with forks. In each hand. X is a Southpaw and I have several family members who are Southpaws - in fact, I do quite a few things with my left hand (Every once in awhile, someone will comment and it's always a lightening bolt for me as in "What, others don't do it this way?") Anyway, we are curious which hand Arun will end up favoring (kids often don't decide until the age of 5). Also, for us, the use of utensils is pretty big. At home, X eats with his fingers South Indian style and that's how he feeds Arun (I use a fork myself because I hate turmeric-stained fingernails). We usually sit on the floor to eat and we don't use the highchair anymore - I could never get Arun to sit in there once he became mobile so I gave up. I shake my head at all the snaps of kids in their highchairs covered head to toe in food because we just don't do that. I am not sure why we don't and there's no reason for it, but we like sitting on the floor to eat. Anyway. Sometimes, I wonder what Arun is going to think of all this. Will he think it's cool that his daddy taught him how to eat rice with his fingers?? Or will he be embarrassed?? Anyway......that's enough boredom for you today.

Carry on.


Lisa said...

Yeay Arun. GOsh he's growing so fast! And Arun is so lucky -- he gets a taste of your culture and his daddy's (which is awesome because they are HIS cultures as well.)

The comment you left on my last post... I'm STILL laughing over that. That was FUNNY.

I hope you feel better soon chicky.

Christy said...

I LOVE children's literature. I have a million children's books
(from my teaching days). However, my absolute favorite is the "Little House on the Prairie" series. I also like the "Fudge" books by Judy Blume.

Mojavi said...

hey girl... I just started re-reading HP 5 because I want to make sure I am all cought up again for the july release.... hope your infection clears up, and if you need anything for your bong let me know lol JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!

Goofy Girl said...

They are not kid's books, but Janet Evanovich's books are pure, brainless goodness. Complete with laughs and racy parts. I love them.

Also check out "Elsewhere". It's a teen fiction book about about a 15 year-old girl named Liz, who dies in a traffic accident. Instead of going up to Heaven, she is in a place called Elsewhere. A very easy read, and not nearly as depressing as you might think.

Jenny said...

I must admit, my inner Type A gets the heebie-jeebies when I read about you not using the high chair. How do you keep him from running around the house smearing food on the walls? My kids were so wild though, not calm like yours...If I didn't strap them down with a five point harness to eat I would have had spaghetti allover my house! Its the same control-ferak behavior that led to me keep them in onsie style undershirts until we started potty training, to avoid them taking their diapers off when full, they couldn't undo the snaps on the onsie, but they sure could pull apart the diaper velcro strips! They are now 4.5 and 6.5 and I still make them put drinks in a sippy cup if they are going to take it outside the kitchen (where hardwood floors are much easier to clean up...) Am a tad anal-rententive, I'm aware. :)

Modern Day Hermit said...

Alex will sit in his booster but sometimes I let him sit in a regular chair with us like a "big boy". He isn't too messy either which helps.

I'm jealous of your little guy's love of showing affection. Mine won't even give kisses anymore! I have to steal them. Did Arun ever want to eat the crayons? Alex loves to color with pens and markers (eeek) and hasn't marred anything YET, but otherwise he only wants to eat the crayons. Especially the red ones.

Wordnerd said...

Glad you got checked out - those infections can get downright nasty!

Oh, and, ahem, what's a bong? ;)