April 3, 2007

Why do we say we're head over heels when we're happy?
Isn't that the way we normally are?

Things are better here, folks. Much better....... My goal this week is to only post fun stuff. First up? Baby blankets. I already have some adorable blankets that I used with Arun. I am in the process of designing a blanket to knit - I researched and researched but never found one that I liked, so I am creating one of my own. Arun's blanket was the Big Bad Baby Blanket from the Stitch n' Bitch book - I LOVE the blanket. It's big enough for him to use for a quite awhile and the Signature yarn is soft, washable and durable. However, my biggest issue with Arun's blanket is that 1) it was so incredibly boring to knit towards the end 2) it was WAY too bulky to tote around towards the end and 3) because of the weight of it towards the end, it made battling the carpal tunnel even worse. It was totally worth the time and effort because the blanket has become one of Arun's comfort objects in his crib and he sleeps ON it. NewKid's blanket will be a pieced one (so I can tote it around while working on it and it won't aggravate my carpal tunnel), but it is going to be REALLY funky (Grandmas need not apply - this will be FUN to knit) and will include a reversible cable (again, with the FUN). I just adore cabling, so I am looking forward to this. I am also trying to be careful about the measurements and such so that hopefully I can replicate if need be or even submit the pattern to share with others. This will be a long time coming, my goal is to finish sometime this fall.

Also regarding blankets, during NaBloPoMo, I won a little prize by being runner-up in a contest. Javis Davis offered a full crib set to whoever announced their pregnancy first. There was some confusion in the beginning and for a brief while, it appeared I had announced NewKid first. It turned out that I had not announced first, but Javis Davis generously offered consolation prizes to those that were briefly in the running. And honestly? I was glad with the way it worked out - we already have a crib set and I am glad that someone who needed one got it instead. And the blanket that Javis Davis sent me? Oh my.

Luscious, simply LUSCIOUS:

I chose the Minkee Dots (Sage) and the Chic Mink Stripes (Yellow) from the Menagerie fabric collection My mediocre (at best) photography skillz will never, ever do this blanket justice. It is sumptuous. Snuggly. Luxurious. And I can't describe the heft - it has a nice dense weight to it - it's not bulky, light and fluffy AT ALL, which I like. It's actually thin, yet solid - it will be just perfect for toting her around in the Baby Bucket this winter. And because it's thin, it won't be a pain to lug around on airplanes and such. I suspect this will not be an heirloom blanket lovingly passed from generation to generation because this blanket is going to get used, folks. Oh and it came with a matching pillow that I really want to steal for my own bed because Anjali will NEVER know the difference, right?

SO. Yesterday, Arun and I checked out a little day school thingie. It's at my grandma's church so it's a no-brainer for me to send him there - it's the same church I attended as a little girl. I still wanted to see his reaction. And it was precisely as I suspected - he took off immediately when I set him on the ground. He totally abandoned me and left me at the complete mercy of three toddler girls who set about to rifling through my purse, attempting to relieve me of my bangles, and confiscating my keys. I wasn't surprised at Arun's defection, he usually takes off with barely a glance backwards when we do things like this. Of course, it will be a different ball game when I have to leave myself, though - he still is not thrilled when I leave him at the nursery at the gym. Anyway, I've signed him up for the fall - he'll go 2 days a week, 5 hours a pop. Gulp. Sure, I've been leaving him with Cousin J since he was 5 weeks old - usually, she was coming for about 6-9 hours a week, but it was rarely for more than 3 hours at a time. I am still a little weirded out that we are starting this school thing so early and that I will already be looking at lunchboxes and backpacks THIS fall. The original intent had been to start at the age of 3, but that was back in our days of Armchair Parenting before we were looking down the shotgun barrel of having a newborn when our oldest is just barely 20 months. If our children weren't so close in age, we would have waited until Arun was 3, but Arun is getting to the point where he needs organized activities with kids his own age. And I have been researching different things that we can do - we currently do a story time, but I've also looked into music groups, gym groups etc. However, I quickly encountered a problem - the activities are usually for specific age groups - meaning, if I try to sign up for something with Arun, I have to find someone to watch NewKid (for example, we won't be able to do a story time this fall). I just haven't seen much where I can take both kids with me. It's not fair to keep Arun out of activities, so this day school is a perfect solution. And I am actually okay with it. Overall. Sorta.


Christy said...

I can't wait to see the blanket you are going to knit for baby # 2. Speaking of blankets, I just finished crocheting Porgie a blanket! I am so freakin proud of myself.

Regarding the school thing, I think you are making a great choice. Arun will get to interact with other children, and the new baby will get to have some one on one time with mommy. I think it will work out great.

I predict that Arun will LOVE school.

Erin said...

It sounds like the school thing is a great idea.

I love the blanket and pillow combo we got from Javis Davis, too. So soft. So pretty. I can't wait for Lucy to be able to use them!

MLE said...

My parents put me in preschool at 22 months, and it was the best thing ever for me. And they weren't even PG with my sister yet. I bet he'll love it and have a great time hanging out with the other kids.

Rozanne said...

The Javis Davis blanket is beautiful!

Have fun designing your own knit blanket. Sounds like a primo opportunity to make inroads into your stash, no?

bethiclaus said...

Even when your kid loves school, I'm guessing it's a bit difficult to send them off to someone else. Arun's so sociable, I'm sure it's going to be great for both of you.

Blondie said...

That bedding is gorgeous!! I made a blanket for Little when she was born. It was tiny, but after a while, it hurt my fingers. I can't imagine making a big honking blanket...yowza.

Diana said...

I would totally steal that blanket from my kid.

I hear you about the narrowly set ages for kid activities. Mine are 4 years apart and I can't even get swimming classes to co-incide, which means a long time standing watching through the window as first one kid and then the other has their turn at the 'Y'. Bleh.

Lisa said...

Ohhh. Baby blankets! COngrats on your prize. SO adorable. Wish I could knit. Would love to learn but I don't really know of anyone who knows how to do it. (If I get to KC, I'm looking you up and will beg you to teach me. heehee.)

Arun sounds completely ready for school. But are YOU ready? :-)

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

nice blankies!!!

will write to you tonight...tried for the last two nights but my internet connection has been really bad

Lainey-Paney said...

My son loves his minkee dot blankets.
I got 2 store-bought at my baby showers, and I got one from my aunt who made it. He loves all 3 of them!

moderndayhermit @ gmail said...

Those blankets are beautiful!

Alex still goes to daycare one day a week and he loves it, tucks his sippy under his arm and throws his blankie over his shoulder and struts in while jibber-jabbering with all the kids. It looks so authoritative and adorable.

dorothy said...

I think Arun will love it, but call me the first day you drop him off so I can talk you off the ledge. It will suck that first day, yessiirreee!

I think you're smart to give yourself some time when you'll be able to focus on just one kid.

Also! Toon Shop in PV has music classes and siblings under 18 months are welcome. The little angel took one this past spring and loved it.