July 31, 2006

Can you get cornered in a Round Room?

Part II of My Rancid Wrap-Up of BlogHer 2006
In honor of the Patron Saint of Carmel, the Venerable But Wrinkly Clint Eastwood Who Is Beginning to Look Suspiciously Like Lord Voldemort , I present a “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” version of my experience at BlogHer 2006.

    The Good
  • Have I already mentioned all the Free Shit? Yes? Good Lord, it was impressive. And heavy.
  • The Free Booze, which led to some of The Ugly.
  • Meeting so many very, very cool people. Particularly, getting to hang with Surrender Dorothy and Average Jane - two of my Real Life friends that I just don't get to see nearly enough these days.
  • Coming away feeling more inspired about my blog than ever. Nah, nothing is going to change, but I have a new fondness for the Underappreciated Status Quo. I don't care if my readership ever rises substantially in numbers. Not to say that I wouldn't love to get MORE readers (who wouldn't?? Be honest!), BUT in my little obscure speck of the Blogosphere, I adore the current readers I have, I still enjoy writing posts and I have yet to attract any trolls. The important things to Blogging.
  • Getting Incredibly Inspired watching Miss Zoot with her children. In particular, her son, who I declare to be one of the most polite tween boys I have met in a long time. In a day and age where we are bombarded with negative mainstream media reports as to how "bad" kids are getting, it was great to see that it doesn't HAVE to be that way. My mom was impressed with LilZ, too.
  • This MommyBlogger brought her OWN Mommy, which worked out spectacularly because my Snooty Kid wouldn't have done well in daycare. Nope, not the daycare's fault, but my kid just isn't used to being left with strangers yet. Anyway, as of today, my mom is even reading my blog. gulp.

    The Bad
  • This MommyBlogger brought her own KID. Okay, this was by Choice and I am not really Complaining because I just couldn't leave him yet. Still, it was difficult because I just didn't get to meet as many people as I would have liked. It was very hard to network at times when I was trying to satisfy my Kid's Boob Needs.
  • I went into this knowing that nobody reads my blog and I am okay with that. However, it became quite clear to me that I am not very “well read” MYSELF when it comes to the Power Bloggers. It was the literary equivalent of being raised on Mad and Cracked Magazines and attempting to pass yourself off at the Harvard Book Review. After awhile, I felt stupid. This is precisely why I didn't introduce myself to Dooce. No, NO, I am not dissing Dooce, she is a great and entertaining writer! However, I don't read her frequently because I just don't have the time. So, I would have felt like a Huge Phony introducing myself to a Power Blogger that I don't even read on a regular basis. What would I have said? "Uh, Hi. I don't actually READ you that much, but Jeepers! I just luv ya anyway!" Oh well. Maybe next year.
  • Not getting to meet the Waxed Glory that is Monkey. Every time I saw a desi chick saunter by, I peered closely. Finally, an email arrived confirming what I already knew deep in my heart..... sniff.......
  • Not getting to meet Arianna Huffington. I had a prime opportunity by the pool in the mid-afternoon before everyone realized she was even there. I was sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. However, I blew it because I got a total attack of Shyness. After her keynote speech, it was too late because she was always surrounded by someone or being interviewed.

    The Ugly
  • The Hotel Room. The Decor? Four pictures, mostly not lined up with anything, all non-matching in theme. The Lighting? I blame it for all the nasty photos of me lurking around. The Bathroom? NO BATHTUB. The Temperature? At times, it was cooler OUTSIDE.
  • The Water. WTF? I drink loads of water and this conference ended up being very stressful for me in that area. First, they try to pass of this weird Contrex shit. THEN, half the time, the "regular" water pitchers would be empty. I was so tired of drinking Pepsi (bleh!) by the end of the conference, but I was SO desperate to re-hydrate my Pathetic Liver that it was worth over-working my Pathetic Pancreas with all the high fructose corn syrup.
  • Mid-Day Outdoor Activities. I am a Sweatly Kinda Gal. I sweat BUCKETS. Too much of this conference was OUTSIDE.
  • In the same vein of Sweat, the conference rooms were too fucking HOT.
  • 4:45 AM Sunday Morning. Enough said about that. However, it was sorta Good because we did get an early morning, direct flight which meant I was home by about 2:00 PM on Sunday.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I read blogs that make me smile. A few are very famous, though I don't link to them (sometimes I will read Amalah and Sweet Juniper), some are semi-well known (Viva Las Vegass), and then most have a readership in the range of yours/mine/most of my blogroll.

I don't know what it is that attracts me to this blog or that-most of my blogroll is made up of friends I've known for a while, and bloggers I've found through one particular friend (Erin of EEK). I must admit to having a slight preference for the hidden gem. The more famous one gets, the more you end up self-editing I feel, and the blog loses a bit of the earnestness that I loved in the beginning. And more horrifying, there is the issue of trolls/negative attention that you can tell affects the writer. I think Naked Ovary, who I've found through you blog, is the most famous one I read consistently and that's largely because I was totally pulling (for a complete stranger!) for her to get her referral.

I started reading your blog because I thought Arun was really cute and you were/are really witty. I'd still read it if readership rises, though I am happy enough that you aren't attracting unwarranted attention. I've had a few trolls stop by mine and my current tactic has been to delete but not to draw them into discussion. Most seem to have gone away though one still constantly stalks (as I can tell from the site metre) but has stopped commenting.

By the way, sorry about stalking through your blog to get to Naked Ovary today!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

SORRY, unWANTed as in people making nasty cracks/talking about you on other blogs. Attraction to your blog is totally totally warranted. Stupid keyboard!

Cagey said...

Thanks for all the nice things you said. I do believe the Power Bloggers are popular for a reason and that's why I am totally not dissing Dooce. She IS an entertaining writer. However, I only have time to read blogs that resonate with me on some personal level.

re: Karen - OMG, I am SO excited!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the general public hasn't yet realized this is THE blog to get a curry cookbook recommendation? Thanks, by the way, I finally managed to obtain the cookbook you recommended a while back, and we're on day five of the curry-a-thon.

Brit said...

dude the pictures..I KNOW. what was that about? It is hard to describe just how weird they were!

Me said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I'm so jealous! Maybe I'll join you next year. . .

Jenn said...

If I was there I would have felt the same way as you. I read my bloggy friends first, and then the popular ones if I have time. Mostly cause my bloggy friends read me first. And I couldn't possibly stop reading this blog....cause your son is beyond cute! I mean him and Allie are like the two cutest babies ever!

I'd like to go next year though, it did sound like fun.

Cagey said...

YES, come to BlogHer next year! I believe next year's venue will be much more accessible for people, location-wise. Bonus.

Again, I want to stress that I am NOT dissing the Power Bloggers - most of them are very humble, personable, approachable gals. The event wasn't really clique-ish, either! I just felt that it would be very Phony of me to introduce myself to someone that I don't actually read. There were also some awkward moments for me when meeting Power Bloggers that I knew of, but hadn't actually read. I just didn't know what to say since I couldn't say the obvious "I love your blog".

Diana said...

Soooooo what did you score as far as the free loot? I'm so nosy but if I can't live vicariously through you, what's the point? Whit was your favorite score?

I used to read many of the Big Bloggers but, like you, just don't have the time. I've evolved into someone who now blogs for the community in my little place in the 'net. The bigger blogs are, by necessity, just not personal enough for me to care much about now. I read them like I read the paper: When I have time to spare. Probably healthier, I think.

Modern Day Hermit said...

I like your blog because it's real, like someone sitting on the sofa having some tea cracking your ass up or have you replying, "the nerve!" while just relaxing kind of real.

I'm not very articulate, so I'm probably making zero sense, but that's my $.02!

Of course the little sweetie you have there is a good reason, too! My guy was born on 10/4 so I enjoy reading about the antics of children the same age so I can either know what I have to look forward to or chuckle with recognition.

Zoot said...

God...there were times when I felt like the OUTSIDE felt cooler than the INSIDE. What was that about?

Thanks for the compliments on LilZ. He's pretty rockin'. hehe.

I was even suprised how many blogs were new to me and I kinda live in the blogosphere!