July 7, 2006

What happens if I don’t obsessively proofread per usual?


In no particular order:

-After yesterday’s “compelling” essay highlighting my work status, I am back to the usual outdated drivel of my boring life. One more thing about yesterday’s post - it is still weird for me to realize that I haven’t held a job in over a year. The last time I wasn’t employed OR at least actively seeking employment was in May of 1987 as I headed into a McDonald’s, filled out the application and was hired on the spot.

-Question for the Internet. Is MY kid the only baby in the Universe that doesn’t watch Baby Einstein? I am so desperate for a few minute’s peace that I keep trying to plug the damned thing in. Arun immediately turns his back on it and crawls after me anyway. I want my money back. The last week with Arun has been very stressful. I am not sure if he is getting more teeth, but I suspect that is the case. Last time he got teeth, he got very clingy and that is exactly how he is right now. Fortunately, Arun is just as willing to scale X’s hairy legs as he is MINE, and X has been in town lately, so that helps. Regardless, I am getting very adept at doing things with ONE hand, since these days, I tend to have a baby on my hip ALL THE TIME.

-As blogs have a way of cross-pollinating each other, some of you may think that I accidentally “outed” myself on another blog by using my RL first name. Not the case. I used my RL first name after a little bit of thought. Why? Because in the case it was used, it just seemed more appropriate than using the blogging moniker. I merely prefer not to have my RL name on THIS blog because of the Google Juice. That’s all.

-Yesterday, I bought a Little Black Dress. At Nordstrom’s. It was totally worth it going to Nordstrom’s because I told the Nice Lady my size and within a few minutes she had a line of dresses hanging for me to try on. Again - TOTALLY worth it because Arun was screaming the entire time in the dressing room and the Nice Lady made the process go faster. I even promised Arun a pony and the WHOLE WORKS, but still, there he was, with The Screaming. Anyway, we have a fancy party to go to on Saturday and I am MUY excited. X thinks I am obsessing about the whole thing, but that is because he is a GUY. All he has to do is dig in the closet and pull out things to wear. I had to actually buy a dress, buy matching shoes, then figure out whether I had bra to go with it. Next up? I need a pedicure and I have started applying the Fake Tan. I use Estee Lauder and I swear by it - been using it for years. I always shake my head when people have bad experiences using Fake Tanning stuff. First, you MUST exfoliate and second, you have to do it a few DAYS ahead of time, in increments. Smearing gobs of the stuff all at once is always a recipe for Disaster. Always.

-Last Saturday, my mom, X, Arun and I went to our CSA farm for our “work duty” part of the membership. We pulled carrots and garlic, then washed and packed produce. The original plan was for just X and I do go, but then we decided to bring my mom and Arun. It really worked out well because then I was able to nurse Arun while there. I was worried about going over 6 hours without nursing him and pumping wasn’t really much of an option. It felt very Little House on the Prairie to plunk down by a carrot field to nurse him, but it worked out fine. Arun LOVED being out there, sitting in the grass watching us pull carrots and such. He is definitely his mother’s son because X? Didn’t enjoy the experience nearly as much as my mom and I did.

-The Drunken Northside Neighbor strikes again. NOW, she is leaving rude notes on anyone's windshield that happens to have the cahones to park in front of her house. Example? I had a friend visiting and she pulled in the driveway. When X came home, he just pulled forward and parked in front of the neighbor's yard for a few HOURS. No biggie, right? GRRR..... She has struck out at others, as well. The notes always include verbiage about "parking on your own property". Um, hello? The last I heard, the street is PUBLIC. So, a note to all my RL friends. Pleaseohpleaseohplease, park in front of her house from now on when you come to visit. There's a pony in it for you.

-It seems my little baby is getting a tan. I religiously put the sunscreen SPF2000 on him, but it wears off of the knees and the tops of his feet. I can't really put much on his hands because I don't want him to rub it in his eyes. SO, if you live in the Kansas City area and you see a hairy, bug-eyed, mushroom-headed baby with tanned knees, hands and feet, well, that would be MY KID.

Wow, the last week has been crazy, but in a good way. Lots and lots of family things going on. It’s always weird for me to do so much Living that I don’t have nearly enough time for Blogging. I miss keeping up on my blogroll and actually wonder what’s going on with everyone. I am also incredibly behind on emails. I am hoping to get caught up this weekend on that because Arun and I leave for Las Vegas on Monday. It's a short trip and probably won't involve me rolling any dice because I have to be Responsible now. Bleh. Anyway, I am pretty nervous about this trip because it is the first one in which Arun is MOBILE. All bets are off on this one. It may also be the last trip with Bjorn - I meant to research the hip carriers, but didn’t have time. I need to do that soon because BlogHer is coming in a few weeks, then after that we have yet another trip to go on in August- New Hampshire and Boston. Arun is getting too heavy for the Bjorn and will definitely be too heavy by the end of July.

Anyway, better take that shower while His Majesty slumbers.

Bed Bug

This is what I wake up to most mornings. I know when he is ready to get up because he immediately starts crawling around the bed, blowing raspberries and smiling. Fortunately, he knows to stop at the edge of the bed AND we have one of those platform beds that are low to the ground (he is taller than the bed, actually.) Anyway, as you can seen, he's not really that handsome until he's had his morning coffee.


dee said...

First of all, have you checked out Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin? Baby Einstein entertained Zach when he was little, but he quickly got bored with it. He stops dead in his tracks when Jack's Big Music Show comes on.

Secondly, the Combi Urban Carrier (hip carrier) worked out pretty well for us on our trip. I suggest using it around the house a couple times to get used to it and get the straps adjusted just right. The strap does tend to rub on the neck a little bit, but unless you're going to lug him around for hours at a time in it, it isn't too bad. I found it on Amazon, but I think Babies R Us carries it.

Zoot said...

nikkiz does NOT like any TV whatsoever, and I've tried it all. BAH.

She also does not wake up in a good mood, she acts like something is waking her up every morning and she wants it to stop...hehe.

Amanda said...

We spend most of our time at home in the upper level of our house (kitchen/dining, bedrooms, playroom) where there is no tv. I know several people who think I am a freak for not putting on Baby Einstein for N.

Also, I have a carrier problem, so if you want to try before switching, I have several you could test run. Ring sling, pouch, mei tei and the best for big babies, the Ergo.

aibee said...

I use a hugabub carrier most of the time. Daniel doesn't fall asleep easily in it, but he does love being carried around in it. We use it mostly for jaunts to the shop, stuff like that. It does okay when he's being High Dependency Boy, but the carrier that really shuts him up is the papoose backpack carrier we bought second hand the other week. Even though he's not officially in my arms like he is in the hugabub, putting him in the papoose is seriously like opening up a can of STFU.

re Arun In The Morning: Isn't waking up to your baby the best thing ever? *happy sigh*

Modern Day Hermit said...

Your posts reminds me that I have a few Baby Einstein videos that were given to me as gifts prior or just after Alex's birth and he has yet to watch them.

On one hand I'm tempted to see if he likes the videos, but on the other I'm afraid of starting a bad habit - not only for little Alex, but of me getting used to distracing him in that manner.

I'm a little jealous of your little guy sleeping in your bed, mine won't even think about it! It makes me rethink all the times I complained about him only able to sleep if he was in bed with us - that's for sure.

Baking and Books said...

What a cute picture and I agree with the other commenters: that is so cool that he can sleep with you. :)


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

My sister and I co-slept too, Cagey, and we're not too demented, so don't worry. My parents insist we weren't weirdos, that everyone in India does it at least for the first year because it makes night feedings more convenient.

My friends who had kids look at me like I'm a freak and like I'm from one of those Creepy Families when I tell them this, though!

dorothy said...

I bet he's teething. GAH THE TEETHING. How I hate it - still - because the little angel is still getting molars.

What shoes are you wearing with the dress? Please say stilettos.

Goofy Girl said...

Where's my favorite blogger? Is this the week you are on vacay? I'm like an addict...I need my daily fix of Simian Snaps!

DeAnn said...

About Baby Einstein ... (and I know I'm late on this) I think people just pretend their kids watch it so people will think he/she is a genius.

Jenn said...

I think he's still adorable even in the mornings. Oh and Allie is getting a tad tan herself....and I also use the SPF200. *shrug* A little sun glow won't kill them! =oP

Oh and you should read Her Bad Mother's thing about the 8 month sleep regression......

Rozanne said...

Hope you're having a good time in Vegas!

Northside neighbor is totally in the wrong to be claiming that people shouldn't park in front of her house. If I'm not mistaken this is also the woman who wanted you to get rid of your kitty.

She needs to get a life.