July 17, 2006

Can I Confess?

That I am an obsessive proofreader? A normal blog post is proofread at least 5 times. It takes me FOREVER to post sometimes because I keep thinking ”Just one more time. THEN, I’ll hit publish”. Am I the only one? This proofreading obsession also applies to emails which explains why I am hideously behind on emails. I need to LET IT GO, because then I could email and blog more frequently. (and of course, I just added that last sentence on like the 6th proofreading.... sigh)

That I have been watching more TV lately? In the Switching One Habit for Another category, I have been watching more TV than sitting online. It is easiest to sit downstairs in the living room while Arun plays. He does NOT like sitting in the office, despite my best efforts to make it a play room for him - in the vain hope that I could sit online while he happily plays amongst himself. That plan is quickly foiled as he crawls over to me and starts grabbing at the keyboard and mouse. We really need a laptop. sigh.

That I think that Joe on Blue’s Clues is a bit of a Hottie? I have been watching Blue’s Clues because Arun will watch it for a whole 15!!! minutes!!, but then I finish out the episode because let’s face it, gals. That Joe? He’s pretty easy on the eyes. In fact, I just caught the landmark episode where Steve heads off to college and passes the Thinking Chair to Joe. Steve? Not so hot.

That I've considered buying a few more remotes just for Arun to play with? We have a few old ones already for him, but it would be nice to just scatter them throughout the house. Those things are worth fucking GOLD in the Entertainment Olympics.

That I fed my 9 month old baby chili the other day? These days, the moment Arun realizes that I am consuming food or drink, he immediately drops to all fours and scampers over to tackle me. So, I was eating a Boca Chili thingie and the problem was that I had liberally doused it with hot sauce. But Arun would NOT leave me alone, so I gave him a taste thinking he would go away but instead HE CAME BACK FOR MORE. In this same vein, we have discovered that Arun is not allegic to strawberries, mangos, trace cashews and sunflower seeds (which are SEEDS, not nuts, right??). I am sorta over the whole allergies thing at this point. I will hold tight to the peanuts thing, of course, but everything else is fair game now.

That Arun crawled off the bed the other day? CRAWLED safely, not FELL dangerously. Like, he did it the same way he crawls off the step from our foyer to the living room. Don’t get me wrong, I am not happy about it, but I was pretty impressed that he figured out how to do it. I am so grateful we have one of those low, platform beds. Yikes.

That my mother is driving me a bit crazy and I am a little worried about our trip to BlogHer? She keeps making little, needling comments about the co-sleeping which PISS ME OFF. If I want to co-sleep it’s MY FUCKING BUSINESS. I am tired of tackling all the stupid myths, false propoganda, misconceptions and urban legends about co-sleeping, folks. TIRED OF IT. She also made comments about my obsessivly taking pictures of Arun. And she always brushes his hair off his forehead. I LIKE bangs, otherwise, he looks like an egg-headed, bug-eyed freak. Also, she was starting to get mad at my sarcastic comments - like when I make the "beautiful people" comments and that I hope Arun isn't one of them and that instead, he is ugly-smugly, but smart. OF COURSE , I am joking - what mother wouldn't actually hope that her son is drop dead gorgeous AND brainy?

That after having put Arun in his carseat, I hopped into the driver’s seat and started to back out of the garage with the rear passenger door fucking OPEN? Did you read that? OPEN. Fortunately, I always creep very slowly out of the garage, so the second I hit the garage door rail thingie I stopped. There are some marks on the inner rubbery trim, but the door is okay but OH. MY. GOD. It really freaked my shit.

Haircut #5 and Counting
The hardest part about getting his haircut is keeping him from turning his head to see the action. It’s an operation best conducted with three persons - one to hold, one to cut and one to entertain/distract. He doesn’t scream or cry, but towards the end, his patience gets maxed out faster than a college student’s first piece of plastic.




amanda said...

He is so cute! And your mom is just crazy. My mom was acting bonkers this weekend, too, it must be going around.

Cagey said...

In my mom's defense, our personalities are just so different that I suspect I was getting on HER nerves, too. Although, the co-sleeping comments are what really make me angry. anyway.....

Modern Day Hermit said...

I wish I'd take on some of your proofreading, I proofread about a week after the post has been up and running, haha.

I'm afraid to get my guy's hair cut, he wouldn't need one except the 5 strands of hair that have managed to grow over his ears.

And the remotes, oh yes! That is the *only* thing in the house that will occupy Alex long enough to change his diaper without him trying to crawl away as fast as he can.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Dude, my father JUST took the passenger back door off of the Lexus after shoving a laser printer in the back to return to Staples for a better laser printer. Keep in mind that last year he accidentally drove through the garage door. LOL. I'd say he was losing it but my sister drove through the other garage door the year before.

Now would not be a good time to tell you that we're all products of co-sleeping, right? Just kidding, don't be mad! I know the comments must be totally irritating-it's definitely a cultural thing and you and X have the awesome luxury of choosing what's best for all of you from two (sometimes diverging) cultures, so I suppose at any given time or another your childrearing practices will run in the face of one family's long-held views.

alimomof2 said...

First, bangs on or off forehead = adorable.

Second, I a ma terrible proofreader (get it!) and I once taught ENGLISH for a living. So many times I hit the publish button THEN see a mistake. (BTW my personal pet peeve is using the wrong to/too, and that is one of my common typos!)

jennster said...

LMFAO @ joe from blue's clues.. i thikn he's adorable, but i have no reason to watch that show anymore, since my kid is 8. LOL

MLE said...

Today in the Target parking lot I saw an SUV with the rear passenger door open.

When I looked more closely, I saw a carseat on the other side of the open door, and figured Mom forgot to close it after wrestling Kid out of the seat.

When I closed the door, the car alarm went off. Heh.

dorothy said...

The little angel is so in love with Joe. She only wants to watch Blue's Clues now. ONLY. He has replaced Elmo in the BF line-up. But what's with the two Joes? Did the first one go on to make an album called "What's Left Of This Man?"

One wonders.

flybunny said...

I love the hair, the beautiful thick hair. I would love hair like that.

I am also impressed with the chili eating. I don't know if I could eat chili with hot sauce - what a stud!

Goofy Girl said...

You're not alone in your assessment of "Joe" from Blue's Clues:

check the last paragraph

Bethiclaus said...

I'm scared that it's about time for me to cut Alliclaus' hair, but I just can't bring myself to do it. To me, she just seems too little for that. But the hair - it is getting in her eyes.

Me said...

I gotta disagree about Joe - he looks like he's 12, and thus is not for me. I liked Steve much better--though he may not be as comely, he was much nicer.

I must say, it is three times as hard when the ribbing you get about your parenting is from your own parent. I just won a small victory, though. My mom is finally getting off my back about the potty training after trying in vain herself for a week. Score one for me!