July 25, 2006

How many times can I use the word “Excited” before it loses its punch?

Not much is going on as I sit in feverish anticipation of going to BlogHer. I am really excited about this year’s conference. I am particularly excited about WALKING into the conference, instead of WADDLING. I am excited that THIS year, I HAVE ANKLES. Yee haw! I even get to drink (a little) this time around. Score! I hope this time around, to have the courage to introduce myself to Heather Armstrong. I hope this time around, to have the confidence to actually try and TALK to Alice Bradley, instead of blathering on about how much I love her. I hope this time to meet more people instead of sheepishly hiding behind my big ole baby belly. I am excited about seeing Amy again. I am excited to finally meet Miss Zoot! I am REALLY excited about hanging around with Average Jane and Dorothy. In short, I am way EXCITED, folks.

However, I have to appreciate the irony that the very week I am going to a blogging conference that is about blogs, blogging and bloggers, I have nothing to actually blog ABOUT. There I’ll be at BlogHer saying “Hi, I’m Cagey from RancidRaves. Er, just don’t read my blog THIS week. Come back NEXT week, ‘kay?” How lame is that?

Seriously - not much else has been going on lately. Just attempting to keep the kid entertained at ALL COSTS which requires a careful balance of going to the park, switching toys from room to room to keep them interesting, going to play groups, visiting Target and conducting supervised tours of the stairs.

The most interesting thing to have happened lately is the following tale of woe, which only serves as a reminder to how base my blogging character can get. Every day, my living room is completely strewn with toys. Every evening, I crawl around on all fours to clean it up so that everything is fresh for the next morning. It seems, half the fun is pulling everything OUT. Anyway, as I was crawling around doing a sweep for the Small toys while clambering over the Big toys, I heard Baby Tad chirp “Hi, I’m Baby Tad! That’s the YELLOW star. ” before realizing with more than a little horror that I was STRADDLING the little green fuck. ACK

However, fear not, gentle reader. All is not lost on the Blogging Front. I have a luncheon later today with Normal Olathe Grandma and my great-aunts and uncles. It's even at a Chinese buffet - my Grandma's family version of "ethnic". Surely, something snarkastically delicious will come out of THAT.

Updated to Add:
Bah. The only "delicious" thing at that Chinese buffet was my soda. When my grandma asked why X didn't come to lunch, it was all I could do to refrain from saying that I didn't want to risk my marriage by making him attend. X HATES Chinese buffets. In true form, even ARUN wouldn't eat any of the food. He CRIED and he never does that when trying new food.

And yes, his daddy was proud when I told him later.


Jenn said...

I do the same clean up every night....although sometimes I'm not sure why....it just getts pulled OUT a couple of hours later!

Diana said...

Really? How can anyone hate Chinese buffets? Where else can you get cardboard pizza, egg rolls, and apple strudel all in one place? And 2 or 3 colors of Jell-o 'salad'...

Sabrina said...

I love Chinese Buffets but our kids hate it! Have fun at Blogher!