May 2, 2006

What’s the opposite of Constipation?

Good grief, everyone tells you that eventually your sweet baby ain’t gonna smell so sweet after awhile. But, nothing, I mean NOTHING prepares you for that actual moment when your baby’s diaper becomes his own personal porta-potty. The only way to aptly describe the aroma of my precious progeny these days is the word “stench”. Or “foul”. Your pick. And the passing of the gas? Certainly, we won’t be capturing that “bouquet” of scents in a bottle any time soon.

Anyway, today is going to be a presentation of Rancid Roundups. I can’t really cobble together an entire entry, so there you have it. A hodgepodge of my sad little life...........

1. The first nosebleed courtesy of a Baby Head Bonk is not that precious, quite shocking and actually pretty painful.

2. Don’t watch Survivor on a High Definition TV. Bug bites, hairy armpits and flaky, freckled sunburns aren’t pretty in real life, much less on your RidiculousTV. Trust me on this.

3. I had mentioned before that nothing says Spring! like fresh bunny bits thoughtfully left at your front door courtesy of your thoughtful kitty. And I was fine with the little gifts that Harry was leaving - okay, not “fine”, but “accepting”, at least. What I am NOT kosher with is the squirrel scraps he has lately been donating to the household coffers. Why? Because, last fall, just a scant 2 weeks before I GAVE BIRTH, I posted about the squirrels who took up residence in our attic (The postings are here, here, here, here and FINALLY, thankthelordabove HERE). That little squirrel problem cost us over $600 to fix. So, why is Harry NOW bringing us squirrel scraps left and right? Grrrrr......

4. I try not to be a Nervous Nellie when it comes to mothering, but this whole “solid” food thing has been under my skin. Arun won’t eat ANYTHING - he liked peas and that was IT. We even gave him a taste of curry last week and he scrunched his nose at that. Then, tonight, I gave him some of my lentil soup. He grabbed the spoon and sucked it CLEAN. And did it again with the 2nd spoonful. Rinse. Repeat. WTF?

5. My days of wine and roses are coming to an end. Arun has been somewhat mobile for awhile now by doing his weird scooting thing on his back. However, it was at such a slow, predictable pace that there wasn’t too much to get worried over. Now? He is rocking back and forth on his knees. Just tonight, for the very first time, he was actually able to propel himself forward on his belly by pushing his legs. Nope, not officially crawling, but frighteningly close.

6. I am pissed. Awhile ago, I had posted about a great book called "The Best Little Coffee Shops in Kansas City". I found out today that the said shops PAID to be in the book. I cry Foul! on that one. While it IS a great GUIDE to local coffee shops, I question “The Best” in the title - utterly misleading considering its complete lack of impartiality. Anyway, on that note, Beanology totally rocks (although I wonder about their tagline of "winding down" - when was the last time YOU "wound down" on some caffeine??) Anyway, not only do they score extra pointage on being honest about the book I just mentioned, they DO make a YUMMY cup of joe. Furthermore, their shop has a great ambience and is very comfortable. You can find them at the NW corner at 135th and Metcalf in Overland Park. Check 'em out if you are in the area. Our favorite place is still PT's, but Beanology is running a tight race.

7. Tonight, as I was rocking Arun, his hairy little head and hot breath made my neck all sweaty. And I couldn’t help but think, “Wow, I wanted this moment for SO LONG.” And here it is. He is everything I wanted in a child and even MORE.

And I will hold fast to that moment when I face the results of that lentil soup later tonight.

Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Green?

My mom is just OVER THE MOON about Arun’s eyes. It’s apparent her green eyes must have come out a bit here. The green in our little demi-desi's eyes certainly didn’t come from X’s side and definitely not from my dad’s. Did you know that eyes express themselves on three different genes?

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