May 5, 2006

If Dracula can’t see himself in a mirror, how the hell does he get the part in his hair so damned straight?

This will be a quickie - but hey, doesn’t EVERYONE love a good quickie anyway?

Since we are leaving tomorrow and my normal laundry day is Sundayish, I have to do some laundry today. Since laundry is one of my primary responsbilities in that “Staying” gig that I have worked out for myself, that means I need to get on it TODAY.*

Anyway, today’s topic will be about my very most favorite one in the whole wide world. Yeah, you guessed it - The Monkey. HRH got Haircut #3 yesterday - you know your baby's hair is too freakin' long when you have to TUCK IT BEHIND HIS EARS. He did pretty well and didn’t start freaking out until the end as the barber was doing his bangs. Not bad. I tried to get a picture of it for the Internet, but was fairly unsuccessful and ended up mostly with crappy, fuzzy pictures. It looks like we have a freakin' GHOST living in our house. You see, we are at a point that for a split second Arun looks at the camera when the red eye flash goes on. But then he immediately starts moving. Moving is his NEW thing. Sitting and hunkering down on some toys is Old School - so YESTERDAY - why do that when he can MOVE from a sitting position to his stomach? Because once he gets to his stomach, the world is his oyster. And he is not even crawling yet.

The Heir and his Hair

*I don’t really MIND doing laundry and truth be known, most of X’s stuff is dry cleaning. But don’t tell him that.

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