May 28, 2006

Hello, Operator? May I have the number for Child Protective Services?

Suppose your child doesn’t really care for all that Gerber stuff - you have tried various combinations of rice cereal -- plain, mixed with fruit, mixed with breastmilk. You have attempted in vain to stuff strained fruits and veggies lovingly pureed by Gerber down his protesting gullet. Wholesome things such as prunes, bananas, squash, carrots, green beans, peas and peaches were rejected in rapid succession. However, lentils? He’s all over that shit. Hummus? Check. Chicken saag? Check. Cheerios? Check. Pieces of grape? Bits of aprium? Check and Check. Specks of Indian Hot Mix? Definitely, CHECK. But wait, you say, doesn’t Indian Hot Mix have peanuts?

Blink...... Blink.....

No, I didn’t directly give him a peanut and I was only giving him the rice krispie-sized flecks of the besan flour stuff. However, Hot Mix does have peanuts in it so he was exposed to traces of it. When I realized what I had done, I thought I was going to hurl. These are days when I question whether I should really be left in charge of a gastronomically defenseless child.


Modern Day Hermit said...

My son is similar in his tastes. He'll eat babyfood if I add cinnamon to his apples, bananas and peaches. I fed him mac and cheese the other day and you'd think I'd shoveled diaper contents in his mouth.

Tamarind dhal? Loves it. Tomato based curries? Loves it. Chicken Swarma. Again, loves it. Mexican refries? You get the picture.

Personally, I don't get the whole "feed children bland, tasteless food" and then expect them to eat as regular family members later in life.

Does he like yogurt? Alex adores plain yogurt with mangoes. I guess he's on his way to enjoying Mango Lassi.

pharmgirl said...

What a sec...isn't this the same Cagey who rolled her eyes at the "weird mom on a plane" when you cracked the nut packet out? When you were in school, how many kids had raging nut allergies? Exactly. I'm sure it CAN be very serious, but don't give it another thought (unless his throat seemed constricted..but you get my point!) I'm sure my mom had me throwin' down on PB&Js before I could toddle!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I say if Arun likes Indian food, go with it. Maybe babies like what their moms ate during pregnancy and the flavours that no doubt come out in breastmilk? Maybe Arun would like pureed carrots mixed with hummus? Like a baby mash version of carrots and hummus.

I'm pretty certain Marathi baby food is just rice, yoghurt, curry sauce, fish, veggies just mashed together into one yoghurty curry mush. That's what I see my cousins feeding their children.

Don't beat yourself up for the peanut mistake. My parents accidentally gave me eggs too early on and I developed an allergy to those that eventually went away. Then I developed others, completely unrelated to their incompetent (har har) parenting.

Spicy baby! Awesome, you can drag him to various ethnic restaurants and he'll chow down happily rather than whine for chicken fingers.

Cagey said...

I did not freak out as much as sit there in a stunned sort of haze. The awesome thing about peanut allergies is that they are NOT subtle, so there was no waiting around to be had. Within 30 minutes of no "throat clutching", I knew he was okay. It probably shocked me more that I was sitting there picking out pieces of Hot Mix, avoiding the peanuts and just not THINKING.

Modern Day Hermit,
Cinnamon! Great idea! I will get right on that. Thanks for the idea. Also, I can add creme brulee to the list - he got a taste last night and LOVED it.

I remember the incident that you are referring to, but I didn't roll my eyes on that one. The link to that post is here at However, I DID roll my eyes at a gal I know who avoided peanuts for HERSELF while breastfeeding - "just in case". I'm WAY too selfish for that sort of shit. I do agree there is a bit of overhype/hysteria surrounding the whole thing because overall, only 0.5% of kids will ever have a peanut allergy and 20% will outgrow it. And I also know that Arun is at a very low risk for having any food allergies at all - I think I was more stunned than anything because he is still so little. Although, They say wait until the kid is THREE before introducing nuts and frankly, I don't see THAT happening in our nut-loving household. But 7 months? Too early.

I remember in college watching my friends wiping some of the curry off of chicken so it wouldn't be too hot, then handing the pieces over to their kids. So for sure, I will be doing the same with Arun. I have just gotten inconsistent messages as to WHEN I can start handing over the food. Fish is listed as one of the Top 5 for allergies, which X automatically shook his head to in disdain. hee hee

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Seriously???? I'm surprised that everyone in Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala and Bengal aren't dead as doornails then because god damn do those states love their fish. I'm not doubting you, it's just fascinating what people don't know because I know we all get fed fish pretty early on (early meaning definitely by the time we're about a year old).

pharmgirl said...

True, Monkey! Our weasel-head (15 mo.) threw down on flakes of grilled salmon just last night! My sister & I were not fed fish as kids (unless you count tuna sandwiches) and it took me FOREVER to develop a taste for it so I want to train those bitty taste buds early for the good stuff!

Cagey said...

Monkey and Pharmgirl,
If we were in the same room together, you would have seen the smirk on my face as I used airquotes saying "They say" fish is in the Top 5. We are definitely not waiting for a whole year to try fish on our little guy. And since he "survived" the Big One, being peanuts, I don't see any reason to wait on the fish now and since I am making some red curry tonight........Yes, X is from Kerala and he is dead serious about his fish.

I wonder if all this "food stuff" doesn't stem from the doctors etc. being overly cautious with lawsuits and such. All it takes is for ONE kid to get sick and your practice is history. Or maybe, that's just me being cynical.

Zoot said...

Eh - as long as he's fine, I wouldnt fret it. As you know, we're having the same issues. Some days, NikkiZ will eat like four WHOLE spoonfulls of gerber crap. Other days? Nothing. But everyday? SHe loves to drink some of the milk off the spoon of my cereal. And I know I'm not supposed to give her cowmilk for, like a year, or something. Heh.

Anonymous said...

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