April 13, 2006

Why isn't chocolate considered a vegetable, if chocolate comes from cocoa beans, and beans are a vegetable?

Or at least a fruit? I think cocoa beans are technically a fruit.

Arun has been super crabby these days and I think it is due to teething and not the dairy as I originally suspected. At least that is what I told myself yesterday evening as I oinked my way through a hefty share of cheese and chocolate fondue........ But wait. I should start at the beginning.

Yesterday morning, we went to the breastfeeding support group. As I’ve mentioned, it’s like La Leche League for the Faint of Hearts. It was a Sad and Happy session. One of the gals, J, had to say goodbye to everyone because she is at the end of her maternity leave and will be going back to work fulltime. I could tell she was also sad to leave us, although she really likes her job. Conversely, another gal, S, decided in the last week to NOT go back to work fulltime, so she won’t be leaving us, after all. Next week, we all have plans to check out the walking trail at 135th and Switzer, so I am pretty excited. I really think I am going to be able to keep this group going. What’s exciting is that the dynamic will keep changing as new mothers come and go. I am hoping to have at least a core group going by the time I am done breastfeeding Arun. I really like these gals and I think it is a great opportunity to surround myself with positve, relaxed mothers - what I aspire to be.

After all the breastfeeding group, we came home and both took naps. This is odd for me, I am so not a napper, but Arun has been very cranky the past 4 nights. If we weren’t co-sleeping, I would not be liking him very much these days. As it is, he has actually been waking up and CRYING - something he hasn’t done since he was a newborn. After we got up from our nap, we got ready to meet R and her daughter K. We were to meet at the Plaza at 4:00 pm. to just walk around and maybe grab a bite to eat. I headed out on I-35 merely to quickly find myself at a standstill in a traffic jam for over 20 minutes. The type of standstill where people are getting out of their cars and just hanging out. All this, while Arun decided that he was going to cry, cry and CRY SOME MORE. That whiny, achy cry that breaks my heart (not the screeching sort that pisses me off). Fortunately, once we started moving again, Arun went to sleep. Regardless, I was pretty frazzled by the time I met with R and K. After bemoaning the number of chain restaurants on the Plaza, we quickly decided on the Melting Pot. Indeed, as my taste buds tend to run the show, I will turn traitor on local restaurants faster than you can say “cheese and chocolate”.

We meandered over to the Melting Pot and I warned R that since we had strollers we would need to take the handicapped elevator to get down to the restaurant - the place is down in a basement-like space. The handicapped elevator is one of those contraptions that is like an open-air lift and it is SUPER slow. You feel like a complete moron on it as the people on the stairs just beside the lift fly past you at a much faster clip (it reminds me of that great scene on Seinfeld where George is using the handicapped chair lift). To make this experience even worse - the damned thing STOPPED mid-air while we were on it. And Arun commenced with his screeching (Reminder: The one that pisses me off. NOT the one that breaks my heart.). Yep, we are stuck there on a handicapped lift, mid-air and my son starts crying - like we didn’t need the attention already. The guy helping us with the lift had to run up and down the stairs himself several times trying to figure the damned thing out. Anyway, we finally made it down to the restaurant and had a lovely dinner . To boot - our kids were very well-behaved with very little screeching and no melt-downs. Leaving the restaurant? I carried the stroller and Arun up the stairs myself.

Doggie Do: We have decided not to get a dog for right now, which is not much of a surprise. It really boils down to 2 things - we don’t know yet if we will be moving this year or not and we have 3 very sweet, patient cats that we are neglecting already. They haven't given us an iota of trouble considering how much their lives have been disrupted with all the new furniture, room rearranging, and of course, the arrival of Arun, who never misses a chance to grasp big tufts of hair from them these days. Why mess with a good thing? However, I have ended up with a dog of sorts. Years ago, I bought a Dr. Seuss dog and Arun has been using that as his transitional object when sleeping in his crib. These past few nights, he has been so fussy in sleeping with me, that I desperately dragged the dog in bed with us. It seemed to help although I feel like such a loser sleeping with 2 cats, 1 baby, 1 stuffed dog........ However, there is hope - yesterday afternoon, he fell asleep with his monkey that I recently bought, so maybe that will be his transitional object instead. Is it controlling of me to want to force it on him? The monkey is smaller and will fit more easily into a suitcase when we travel. Selfish bitch that I am, I can’t help but want to push the monkey on him and take the dog away. Bonus for doing that? The dog is WHITE and the monkey is BROWN. The dog already has a chocolate stain on him from manhandling by the Younger Nephew, so the poor canine's future wasn't too bright anyway.

Snaps From Our Plaza Outing Today

We were determined to get a pic of the kids together in front of the bunny, but mostly ended up with snaps like this:

Or snaps where only one baby was smiling - like this:

Or this:

FINALLY, we got this:

And this:

( Look at those baby blues on K! Isn't there a law against such gooey sweetness???.......)

What the hell is up with the malevolent turtle? Perhaps, it's the shoddy orthodontic work??

And this. WTF??? Is it a horse? A lion? A saluki? It's hair (mane?) reminds me of Weird Al Yankovic for some reason.

It’s snaps like this that will probably drive Arun to beer funnels when he’s a teenager.

And for that stupid Pelican pic, he shall chew the uber-expensive RidiculousShoe that his daddy worked his ass off to pay for.
Take that, you crazy picture snapping bitch!

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