April 20, 2006

What if you’re happy and you DON’T know it?

Do you still clap? What’s with all this clapping business anyway?

Today is my birthday. I am 35 - it’s weird to already be halfway through my 30s. It seems just like yesterday I was celebrating the beginning of this decade by drunkenly twirling barefoot around on the dance floor to the tune of Dancing Queen with my sister, who was very pregnant with Older Nephew at the time. Anyway, the day didn’t start off so well. Last night, Arun was more than just fussy, he was downright crying. For once, I felt like a Storybook Mommy who gladly paces the floor at 3:00am and bravely faces anything - even 4:00 am - to make her poor baby stop the pathetic wailing. Most of the time, I feel like The Old Me who just happens to have a sweet baby to haul around. And honestly? Often, I feel like a freaky fake of a mother. The kind that does a great Carmen Miranda using baby rattles (not that I do that. Ever. Maybe once. OKAY, twice.....) and can create inventive lyrics to Wheels on the Bus (Aliens ride the bus, don’t they? When their spaceships are in the shop?) but I don’t feel like a MOTHER. Sometimes this gig just seems like too much fun. Too easy. So, it still amazes me that when the going gets rough, and I end up not caring about my own needs and am able to just focus on Arun. Odd. Who knew?

So, I’ve been listening to the Teach Yourself Hindi CDs I recently purchased. While I question the “teach” yourself part, I do recommend this series as a great refresher course. It’s great for any language that you might feel comfortable in, but just need some touching up on your skills (i.e. I can’t imagine being a beginner with this series). Also - I will be looking into the Spanish series as well. Why not? So, the thing that cracks me up this series, is that they have a set of conversations that represent a variety of situations. For example, apparently, Mohan is a “secret smoker” and he is trying to bum some money to buy cigarettes for a “friend”. Except, Auntie Madhuri ain’t buying it. Neither is Anjali, for that matter. There’s also a conversation surrounding the Making of Pizza that looks equally entertaining. While I have a hard time believing I will need these particular conversational skills, it is certainly enjoyable to listen to it.

Anyway - Arun and I are off to Lawrence for dinner with my mom.

Rancid Rave: Check out the Google Logos blog. It’s a blog that features all the fun Google logos from 1999 to present. On the one hand, I love just happening upon the logos, but on the other hand, I think it is cool there is an archive of all of them out there. There are also a ton of logos created by others than the Google guys. While all the logos didn’t necessarily make it to the Google search page, they are still cool to see. Anyway - I will definitely be checking this out some more. I always get such a kick out of those logos.

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