April 10, 2006

What do I do when I can’t think of a title?

So, we haven’t really decided on the whole dog thing yet. Well, X thinks we have decided not to get a dog, but little does he know, we haven’t actually decided. The hardest part about deciding is the fact that we don’t even know where we will be living next year - the thought of moving 1 baby, 3 cats AND 1 husband scares the crap outta me already - adding 1 dog to that mix?..... shudder...... This Spector of Moving has hung over our heads the entire time X and I have been together and we’re going on a good 5 years. I suspect it is to the point that my friends and family think we are just crying Moving Wolf. But! No! Seriously! We might move! Maybe. Perhaps. Anyway - the dog jury is still out, although we are leaning towards not getting a dog right now. Because there’s a chance we could move, ya know.

Last week, I promised an Axe Story. I ADORE my axe and in particular, I love any situation that affords me the opportunity to get it out and whack away at shit. So, the Previous Owner of our house, in all his Holy Asshole-iness, left on our deck some cart-thing that he had obviously “handcrafted” all by his lonesome self. The very fact that he did NOT take it with him when he moved says EVERYTHING. Last year, I had meant to do something about the Crappy Cart That Was Rotting Before Our Eyes. Then, Arun decided that he would like to make his way into our world. And I willing obliged while the cart patiently continued to rot....... So, last week, I decided to do something about the Crappy Cart. Cousin J was watching Arun, so I had ample time with no interruptions in which to deal with the mess. First, the Cart was quite heavy - although there were wheels on it, there was no lifting it off the deck by myself - even with X’s help. Furthermore, I was impatient to do it and didn’t feel like waiting for X to come home. So, I pulled it to the edge of the deck and tipped it over the 1st step. I thought about it for a good 30 seconds, then decided “Aw, what the hell? and pushed it off the deck once and for all. With a might CRACK!!!, it landed in our yard all crumpled , but still intact. Then, I merrily took the axe and hacked away at it. Am I the only who gets pleasure outta this stuff??

In other news, I fear for my kid's Crawling Future. He has no desire to lay on the floor or move about. If he is in a Super! Good! Happy! mood, he will scoot around on his back and occasionally roll over onto his stomach, get a gander of where he's heading, then roll on over to his back again and continue on his merry way. Yep - the gates are going up and now we have to shut the basement door. But, like I said, he has to be in the MOOD. Otherwise, he really prefers to just sit and hunker down amongst his toys and books. So, while he started sitting unassisted well over a month ago, he's NOWHERE near crawling, or even showing the desire to. No, no, I am not carefully checking off his developmental milestones, I just think it is interesting. It helps that between the Blogosphere and Real Life, I know a TON of kids right around the same age as Arun. I think it is fascinating how all of our kids are ALL OVER THE PLACE developmentally. I also appreciate having a sort of Cyberspace Playgroup for learning about other kids at the same age. Just with less hairpulling and tantrums.

Baby BedHead

Take pity on me, ‘kay? Some mornings, I barely have time to take care of my own tresses, let alone HIS.

There. THAT'S better. Notice how my carefully guarded anonymity is threatened by the reflection in the fireplace glass doors.

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