April 11, 2006

How about Paying it Backwards?

Cousin J may have mono.

Her mother, Cousin B, called to tell me and one of my first reactions was concern for her schoolwork. As I said to Cousin B, she had just got caught up after having her wisdom teeth taken out and now this? Then we both clucked about J and her schoolwork for awhile. I think I aged 10 years in that conversation. After all, Cousin B used to pick on me when we were kids and would steal my Barbies away from me. Anyway, now to the selfish part of this problem. I will have no babysitter this week AND X is out of town. Yep, I thought I was spoiled before, but now I KNOW exactly how spoiled I am. This week I was going to do yardwork, go to Lowe’s, get a haircut, make a Costco run - now I can look forward to all that with Arun in tow. Also, I am very worried about Arun getting this mono shit. He has been pretty grumpy lately and hasn’t been sleeping well, but I am still pretty sure that was due to the fact that I have been consuming more dairy than normal (Rancid Tangent: My boy can handle spicy Thai, Indian, and Mexican but not DAIRY? WTF? The little Wuss. Now, I do drink soymilk simply because I like it, but CHEESE? I LOVE ME MY CHEESE. The hard cheeses aren’t so bad, but the soft cheeses really tear the little fella up. I miss soft cheese so much, last week I actually had a dream about eating some de-lish buffalo mozzarella....) SO, Cousin J, will know by Friday whether she has mono or not. And until then, I can fight the rising paranoia in the back of my throat.......

New Topic: It always gives me a jolt when Real Life NonBlogging friends talk about my blog with me - I forget that I casually passed along the URL months back and that all this time, they have been reading about my fascinating and glamorous life I have created here (a life that they know damned good and well DOES NOT ACTUALLY EXIST). So, last night, when I was talking to my friend M, she eagerly asked me “What’s this about R.W. saying Asshole #1 having regrets??”. First, I should totally out M, because SHE is the one who INTRODUCED me to Asshole #1. In essence, it’s all her fault, right? ......stabbing pointer finger in air.... Okay, seriously, I was glad she brought it up, because if anyone could possibly understand that exchange with R.W., it would be M. When I told her that it is incredibly satisfying to be able to say honestly, “I have no regrets”, she UNDERSTOOD because she was there to witness the Agony. Would I want to re-live the Agony? No, but I can truthfully say it was worth it because I ended up with X who I would have never met if I hadn’t met Asshole #1. And I consider X to be sort of a Prize - at a minimum, he makes a mean cup of espresso.

Tomorrow: Doggie Do, but not what you think.

Simian Snaps
What I love most about these pics is that they demonstrate that regardless of how much my life has changed since Arun came along, there are still aspects that haven’t changed or are simply better now that he IS here. I have always enjoyed sitting outside - both on my deck and my front steps. But to sit outside with my son? Even better.

I included this one to point out that no, NO, those are not teeny black caterpillars attached to my son's forehead but are instead, his EYEBROWS. Good GOD - what's gonna happen to the poor kid when he hits puberty? I see some sort of hair removal system in his future.

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