September 27, 2005

Which part of “My husband is from India” do people not understand?

Overheard in a doctor’s office waiting room in Olathe, KS:

Nurse: Gesturing to other patient....... She had a baby that was as bald as could be!
Other Patient: Smiling proudly.......Yep!
Me: Well, my husband is from India, so our kid will most likely have a full head of hair.
Other Patient: Oh, you NEVER know!

It amazes me how often I hear this whenever I play yet another round of “What Will My Baby Look Like?”. Did people not get the basic of genetics in school? You know - the whole Peas n’ Mendel Lecture dutifully doled out in junior high? While some Indians and Pakistanis have light/hazel eyes, X has informed me no one in his family has light eyes. In short, if X and I have a bald-headed, blue-eyed baby it will be like winning the PowerBall. After all, we are gonna be fucking RICH after we sell our story to Lifetime television for what will surely be a Movie of the Week titled “My Baby was Switched at Birth”.

HELLO, people. INDIA. The land of Ghandi, Mother Theresa and chicken curry.

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