September 13, 2005

Can We Talk?

I am in a weird blogging funk. What do I write about? Things are going so damned GOOD for me right now which doesn’t provide nearly as interesting of blogging material as you would think . Why? Because you end up sounding like a braggard. Look at me! Lucky me! Nanny, nanny, boo, boo! Or even worse, you end up sounding like a sappy sentimental. shudder

Rancid Review: I watched the series premiere of Martha Stewart’s new show, Martha . It’s a very different show than her old one, that’s for sure. Martha was actually JOKING with her guests, poking fun at HERSELF, and interacting with a LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE. In short, I am sold on this show and it’s been promoted on the DVR as a regular recording. Definitely worth checking out if you are a closet Martha fan like I am. AND definitely more inspiring than that suburban freakshow Dr. Phil has going on. I will certainly be watching the Martha-ized version of Apprentice, so look for a review of that, as well.

Rancid Rant: Speaking of television........I love TV and am unapologetic about it. In the past, I was not that picky about TV but realize that I will need to tighten up my standards since Free Time is going to be a precious commodity in about 4 weeks or so. So, I have carefully reviewed the new shows coming out next week and have narrowed the list down to the select few that I will be watching. I have high hopes for some of them. However, as much as I love TV, I love books even more. I have been fascinated by the amount of people that have felt compelled to inform me that “I won’t have time to read once the Freeloader comes along”. Granted, I won’t be able to read AS MUCH when the little guy arrives, I find it hard to believe that I won’t have time to read at all. If that were indeed the case, then my priorities are definitely out of whack. The first to go would be TV, for sure - I also have several other hobbies and activities that would bite the dust before I start giving up books. I have known people in the past who have told me they just don’t have time to read, but yet, mysteriously were not behind on their TV shows. No, I am not judging and I don’t care if they were watching TV instead of reading - that's not the point. I just think that people need to be cognizant of the fact that they are making CHOICES and to quit whining about them. In short, I wish they would quit telling ME what my new priorities will be. Besides, of the many, many things that my own mother complained about regarding her maternal responsibilities during the LONG 18 years I lived with her, not reading was NOT one of them.

Time Warp: Um, you always hear pregnant chicks complain about how time seems to drag. I don't get it - for me, time is flying. TOO FAST. I still have books to read, a play to see, a museum to visit, lunches to eat, plants to re-pot, an icemaker to install, a sweater to seam, two rooms left to organize, photos to put in albums - the list goes on. On the one hand, if the Freeloader was a week late, that would be GREAT, but on the other hand, I really wouldn't mind if he came early enough to make it to Boo at the Zoo . How lame is THAT? I can't help it because I am SO excited about having a kid for this Halloween - one of my very favorite holidays. He already has a costume!

Jerry Springer Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me: Last night, we had what will surely go down in the Rancid Raves Family Lore as Cagey's White Trash Moment. It started when I insisted that X and I take a pediatric CPR class, which was last night. Why? Not because I am all worried about safety and that, but because it seemed to be the COMMON SENSE thing to do - right? X was not happy about the class (it WAS during Monday Night Football, after all) and kept ribbing me about how paranoid I was about it all. Going home from the class the ribbing commenced again. I got SO FURIOUS, that I pulled the car over, got out and started walking home. Yeah for me! How COOL was I for losing my temper? BOY, I really showed HIM, flip-flopping away in my sandals - - - right? Hmmm. Not so much, honestly. Anyway, I did eventually get back in the car. The one good thing about arguing with X is that we make up very easily and move on. We were already laughing about it this morning. The End.

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