September 8, 2005

How easy am I to please?

I woke up at 6:30am today - no reason, no alarm clock. The irony is not lost upon me that after years of beating down a snooze button, NOW I can't sleep in, even though I have no reason to get up so early.

Anyway, I enjoyed my coffee (Note to the Mommy Patrol: WITH caffeine and SUGAR. Bite me.) and my latest celebrity rag on the deck. It was beautiful - the bugs weren't even awake yet. Now, I am caught up on the burning passions of Brad and Angelina, the latest status of the FederFetus (Britney is having a BOY! What? You didn't know? Didn't CARE?), and apparently Lindsey Lohan's parents are getting a divorce and she is quite distraught over the whole matter (GASP). Furthermore, Nicole Ritchie lost TEN more pounds. You go, girl! Collar bones are IN, girlfriend.

As I was relaxing and taking a moment to savor and appreciate how darn good I have it (warm bed, running water, family is SAFE and sound from BeelzeBush*), I heard the distant sound of a drum. Anyone who has ever been in a marching band KNOWS, hell, FEELS that sound in your very heart. First, all you can catch is the "bum bum da bum" of the drum and then gradually you hear the brass (usually the tuba and trombones first, then the trumpets) - finally the woodwinds come into earshot. It's hard to explain how a marching band can STILL bring tears to my eyes to this day. So, I rushed** out to the front yard with coffee in hand. You see, I am on the "marching practice path" for one of our junior high bands - I was delighted to discover this last year, but always had to keep to the routine to get ready for work (refer to "pounding of the snooze button" comment earlier). This year, I got to enjoy it. And appreciate that YES, life will go on and YES, everything will be okay (eventually) and YES, we can survive another 3+ years of this administration.

Oh, and I'll be DAMNED if they weren't playing "Eye of the Tiger". If they would have broke out in "25 or 6 to 4", I think I would have burst into tears on the spot.

*My political transformation is complete, folks. I voted for BeelzeBush in 2000 and wholeheartedly supported him. I even supported him at first when he went into Iraq. But I voted for Kerry in 2004 out of desperation and alas, my love affair with the Republican party is SO over. Alanis Morrissette's song "You outta know" could be for the entire country at this point as much as that administration has so screwed us.

**Please note that all references to "rushing" are relative when you are 8+ months pregnant. Leave your stop watches in your pockets, please.

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