September 15, 2005

What should I do when I can't think of a title?

I had a lovely visit with my friend yesterday. M is the sort of gal that is very relaxed as evidenced by the lack of distress emanating from her as her big lug of a dog kept licking her 2 week old baby's head. It was the funniest damned sight because her dog is a big goofy Lab (with a heart of gold) and her daughter is so, so tiny (she’s only about 7 pounds at this point!). It looked like the dog’s tongue could have wrapped around that baby’s head a few times. I was impressed with M’s demeanor because believe me, MY demeanor was not nearly as laid back when that dog tried to lick my BUTT. Anyway, it was a great visit and no labor-related horror stories were told. In fact, I think her experience is a testament to M’s positive attitude. She was induced after being a week over due and for those not in the know, Pitocin (the drug used to induce labor) often creates stronger contractions than “nature-created” ones AND they come more quickly together, one after the other, with NO BREAKS. Even after that, M still said that “labor wasn’t that bad. Just real painful.” Which, is what I pretty much expect from labor, quite frankly. Finally, the one thing that struck me most about M’s baby is how freakin’ SMALL she was. Both of my nephews were HUGE - we never even got to see them at 7 pounds except for sonogram pictures!

Speaking of contractions, I haven’t had ANY PAINFUL ONES YET, although I am not sure if this is good or not. Fortunately, my Braxton-Hicks contractions are the "tightening" kind where I feel like I am carrying a basketball around instead of a baby. None have been painful. Of course, that leads me to wonder exactly how long this kid thinks he gets to camp out in his personal Kiddie Condo. I hate to break it to the little guy, but the rent is coming due. He’s got 4 weeks - maybe 5 weeks and then the jig is up.

X and I go to our last baby-related class tonight. It is the Infant Care one where we learn how to hold, swaddle, bathe and diaper the little monster. I already know how to do much of that stuff - after all, being the oldest of four kids , having two nephews, and being one of the last of my social group to have a kid kind of helped with my knowledge base a bit. However, X knows NONE of this stuff except the “holding”. As with most things, it is best if this knowledge flows to X via another route besides me. If I am the messenger, it just sounds like Nagging - if a nurse practioner is the messenger, it sounds like Good Practices. So there you have it.

The one disappointment is that I won’t get to see Survivor live tonight. I had hoped to have a little party because as I mentioned before, one of the contestants, Danielle (or Danni, I guess) is from the town where I went to high school. She is a pretty scrappy gal and even though I HATE Tonganoxie and harbor no fond memories of that claustrophobic small town, I will still be rooting for her.

Rancid Review -- Dem "Bones": I did happen to catch Fox's new TV series "Bones" this week (7pm CDT, Tuesdays). The basic setup is that a forensic anthropologist helps out the FBI with cases by examining skeletons and such. While I do like David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, the opening scene made me dubious that I would like what I was seeing. The very first shot had a sub-title of “Dulles Airport, Washington, D.C.” and showed a plane landing with the US Capitol in the background. What is wrong with that picture?? Dulles is in a VIRGINIA suburb and is nowhere near all the “good stuff” in DC - in fact, even in light traffic, it is still a good 30-45 minutes away. Furthermore, the scenes portraying the DC areas seemed wrong - as if they were driving in the wrong direction or something. I can’t pinpoint why that bothered me, but it seemed the show was very intent in impressing upon us that this show is based in D.C, so therefore, we SHOULD be impressed. The plot itself wasn’t attention grabbing, either - it was a total Chandra Levy knock-off and wasn’t very compelling. Don’t get me wrong - I LOVE dramatic cheesy tripe myself, but really, "CSI: Original Recipe" is about all I can take on a weekly basis. Finally, the character setup was so typical - the gal scientist is a workaholic who is closed off emotionally and the guy FBI agent is going to be the one to “open up her heart”. YAWN. In short, I give "Bones" 1 Rancid Sheep. If I am home, I will tune in, but this show didn’t make it to the DVR regular recordings list.

More reviews to come next week - it's premiere week!

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