September 29, 2005

Whatever happened to the Way We Weren't?

Strange Dreams: Is this another sign I am a bad Mommy? I have had weird dreams lately, but nothing about the Freeloader. Yeah, early in the pregnancy I had Baby Dreams and they usually involved some form of surrogacy (i.e. me having a baby for Jessica Simpson) or my baby being taken away from in some shape or form. What do I dream about now? iPods - yep. I dreamt last night I had WAY too many iPods and one of them was a teeny, tiny earbud thing called a PeaPod. I think it stems from my newfound obsession with desperately wanting the iPod Nano, even though I HAVE NO BUSINESS OWNING ONE. I already have a regular iPod AND a Shuffle - Greedy Gut that I am.

No More Snore: The bad thing about X being gone is that I miss him - A LOT. The good thing about X being gone is that I can cozily get a good night’s sleep without someone snoring sweet nothings in my ear. I was up at 4:00 am this morning, which will make for an interesting day. Yes, YES, I realize that I am headed down a one-way track to No Sleepdom, but come on - I APPRECIATE the fact that sleep is a precious commidity right now so I am trying to get as much of it as possible.

Yoga Baby: When people ask if the kid is kicking a lot, I answer “Yes”, because that is easier. However, truth be known, what this kid does most is S-T-R-E-T-C-H. I just felt a foot where a foot should never BE, so I swear he’s attempting the downward facing dog RIGHT NOW.

It’s All About Perspective: I bought the cutest maternity shirt WAY back when (April? May?). I ADORED that shirt and wore it constantly. It was too baggy then and actually, is STILL too baggy. However, I hate to wear it NOW because of the very fact that it is baggy and thus, makes me look HUGE. Ironically moronic, I know....I know.

Cribbage: Rumor has it we are receiving the Freeloader's crib TODAY. Since the kid's due date is less than 3 weeks away, this is a good thing, I suppose. I wasn't really stressed about it, but WAS getting extremely irritated with the seller that wasn't responding to my emails in a promptly manner.

Baggage: According to my handy-dandy pregnancy book, I am supposed to be packing a bag right now in anticipation of a 2-3 day jaunt at my local hospital. This is slightly complicated by the fact that my husband is using our "2 Nights" bag and all we have left are the "4-5 Nights" and the "Full Week Plus" bags. I also wonder if I shouldn't be more worried about packing this bag - it seems to be a source of stress for some other pregnant bloggers who are due around the same time as I am. However, it's difficult to get too bent out of shape over packing a bag to go stay somplace that is less than 10 minutes away from my home.

Never was a Streisand Fan: I am nearly finished with the Photo Project - I have had an odd, disjointed week of Memory Lane recaps. Things I had long forgotten about - I got a little teary-eyed running across old photos of friends I’ve grown apart from, deceased relatives, photos from when my parents were still married and we were actually a FAMILY. It’s interesting to ponder all the little tidbits of memories floating around in my head (most shocking newsflash - I was NOT FAT, despite all of Asshole #1's claims to contrarary. Hence the moniker.). Anyway, in retrospect, it was probably a good time to do this Photo Project. I am about to leap into an entirely new life - not just the Freeloader, but some other things going on that I can’t blog about just yet . I would hate to jinx the Something Really Good that is going on with X's company. This Something Really Good may morph into Something Really Great, Yet Sad. Stayed tuned.

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