October 12, 2011

Hey you

Pink Floyd, The Wall 1979

I never quite know what to say when I have taken a little bloggie vacation.  That I was too damned busy to post?  That I was in a blogging rut? That things have been so boring there is nothing to write about? Lies, all of  them. The truth is rather mundane.

I did not feel like posting.

Oh sure, I have been busy, but not any busier than anyone else and certainly not too busy to post.  And we are not bored -- just enjoying the gorgeous weather, reading books, enjoying the return of television (Hands down, Showtime's Homeland is my very favorite of the new shows this season.)  October, for us, is busier than the Christmas season.  With Arun's birthday and all of the Halloween and Fall festivities that we like to partake in, every weekend quickly gets booked.

In a good way.

So, I'm going to use the rest of this post for some housekeeping and tying of loose ends.  I have a more topical post coming tomorrow.........

1. Can Mishri and frequent commenter Olivia both email me, please?  I have a question of each of you and I have no contact info for you!  I am cagey333 on gmail.  Thanks!

2. Awhile back, Jodifur posted a wedding Shoe Friday edition which featured shoes from my sister Maureen's wedding.

3. A few weekend's ago, we had a photo session with my friend Dee of Dee Perrin Photography. We met at the Ernie Miller Nature center and walked around a bit.  Arun was in a spectacularly crabby mood and Anjali refused to let me style her hair, in addition to DRESSING HERSELF.  Sigh.  Dee managed to make some lemonade at the situation and I was so happy with the results.  My favorite shot is the very last one in the series -- the one of them sitting on the wall with their notebooks.  I brought the notebooks because I wanted to capture that particular image of them -- notebooks, paper and pens are an important part of our lives.  They are constantly drawing and writing -- in the car, in the house and even out and about.

4. Anjali began Pre-K and I neglected to post about it.  Bad mommyblogger! Bad!

I was worried about sending her off to Pre-K -- she is a July Birthday, which makes her one of the youngest and she had already been struggling emotionally and socially in her Preschool Class.  However, knowledge and skill-wise, she was ready for Pre-K and after consulting with her teachers and my own Teacher Friend LuAnn, we decided not to hold Anjali back.  And wow, am I glad for that decision.  She LOVES Pre-K, has already made several new friends and happily skips off to school every day.  Furthermore, she has latched onto Arun's Kindergarten homework and now, has nearly as many sight words as he does (score one for  Competition With One's Brother!)

Yes, Pre-K was the right decision.

5. Speaking of Arun....This is the view out of my windshield every morning at drop-off:

 He RUNS into the school and we have had more than one Extremely Stern Lecture about him opening his door to jump out BEFORE I have even stopped the goddamned car.  Can you say "heart attack", kiddos?

Yes, he LOVES Kindergarten and doesn't appear to have any issues (we have conferences next week - hopefully there will be no surprises!)  His bright, excited attitude makes me so happy and proud.  Still, I miss him - he's gone every single afternoon now.  And next year, will gone every single day. I haven't known how to wrap my head or heart around that, much less how to write about it here.

And so, I won't even try.


Melanie said...

i know i have said it before, but I am so jealous of 1/2 day kindergarten, my son is in 1st grade this year and thus has started his second year of all day school and I don't know why but it still hit me hard AGAIN this year.... *sigh*

My kids are late April and May b-days, and while I considered letting keeping my son home an extra year.... in the end I am glad I didn't, he is already reading at a 2nd grade mid-year level and we've just started 1st! I really think he would have been bored if I had waited an extra year

Dee said...

Love those photos of Anjali!

Anonymous said...

Believe me, I understand about just not feeling like blogging. I feel a desire to get back into mine now, for the first time in a long time. Part of that is the circumstances of life.

Part of it is that sometimes we just need to stop writing about life, and just live for a while. Not everything needs to be talked about, not everything needs to be blogged, sometimes it is good to just live and enjoy.

That being said, I am glad you are back :)

Unknown said...

No need to feel bad for not blogging! Just how these things work, as I know quite well from my own neglected little blog. :)

Jacob desperately wants to go to school but since he just turned three last month, he's very much under age! But next year, I hope he will have an easy transition.

jodifur said...

Thanks for the link!

I find that sometimes I need blogging vacations.

Olivia said...

The Perrin photos are so cute! I don't think anyone would notice that Anjali refused a hair brushing.