August 2, 2011

Heart Beat, Pig Meat

Pink Floyd, Zabriskie Point 1970

I'm heading to BlogHer this week, so this will be it for posting this week because I'm too damned busy getting ready for a blogging conference to actually write on my blog.  Oh, the sweet irony!

This year, I'm rooming with the venerable Average Jane and a new roomie, Liz.of Everyday Goddess.  I solved the usual BlogHer Fashion Dilemma by deciding to wear what I wore last year.  I've decided to call it my Official BlogHer Uniform and be done.

May I offer up a parting present?

Angry Birds?  Their puny beaks are nothing in the face of the gaping maw of Daniel the Tarantula.

Death to the bastard, cloven-hooved swine.

Slingshot? That's medieval.

Quick, fire up the smoker! We're having smoked pork butt for dinner.

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