May 17, 2011

The Scarecrow

Pink Floyd, The Piper at at the Gates of Dawn 1967

It was an interesting weekend - after Blogger horked on Friday, I finally was able to get my newest post up - check it out if you missed it.  I am testing a series called Fridays of Intestinal Fortitude and it will serve as a spot for me to talk about food.  Last Friday, I talked about Chinese Menus and the little-known secret of "authentic" menus, which has been life-changing for me.  After years of hating Chinese food, a whole new world has opened up.  This Friday, I am going to open up a bit about some of the gastronomic trials and tribulations Manoj and I have gone through over the years.  Food has been one of our top sources of Pain and Pleasure in our marriage.  I am also going to post a recipe for Filipino Braised Chicken With Coconut and Spinach which is to DIE FOR.

Besides posting on Friday, I took Team Chaos to the Cirque du Soleil production of Dralion, which was the Awesome, to the power of Infinity.  It was a 3:30pm showing and was not very crowded - I am used to the grand Vegas productions with permanent installation, but this was a traveling production and it was on such a smaller scale which felt more intimate.  I could not stop gasping out loud because I was so afraid they were going to fall.  The kids also LOVED it and now have new career aspirations. Manoj works his tail off to build a new life here in America and his kids want to be circus performers. Lovely! 'Tis the American Dream, no?  Oh, and Anjali fell asleep in the beginning.  She was leaning against me and I noticed she became noticeably heavier.  Sure enough, she took a little 20 minute nap.  No surprise here since I've posted about her Special Gift of Narcolepsy and have dedicated a Flickr set to it.  After all, this is the same girl who falls asleep on the floor at the school and the gym nursery. The girl who also falls asleep during time-outs and will even tuck herself into bed.  If my baby girl needs some Snooze Time, ain't no one stopping her, folks.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get a snap of the Cirque du Soleil SnoozeFest because I didn't want to test the staunch No Photos edict.

Random Snappage

Who needs a scarecrow when you could have a grass dragon?
I have been driving by this house for years and am always fascinated with where they move it. Manoj had better hope I never come across one of these for purchase. #Swoon

Still, a cobra might be nice.
This is Reason #27891 Why My Neighbors Hate Me. Other reasons??? Flowering weeds? Check. Half-naked kids in the front yard without a parent in sight? Check. Mouse-killing cats? Check. Dog crap? Check. We are The Oliver-George Household, bringing up the neighborhood standards here since 2004.

Absolutely Fabulous Bubbles
We are Front Yard People. That is where the action is - folks walking by with their dogs, saying hello to neighbors, the sidewalk for riding bikes. Our favorite moments are in the Front Yard.

It's a damned Good Thing I took pictures of the toad that Arun captured last week. Because now? This TOAD IS LOST IN MY HOUSE. At least we know what he looks like. Sigh.

White Trashin' It.

I received more than one chuckle in the parking lot as I folded this bad boy up like a taco and shoved it in the trunk. Pride?  Whatever!  My baby needed a swimming pool and we don't have room for a cement pond.


Andrea said...

ha ha ha! Thanks for the laugh! The pool picture is a riot! Hope it still holds water once it's unfolded!

Average Jane said...

I found you a lawn dragon:

Anonymous said...

Hi - I just found you at Happiest Mom. I wrote about developing financial responsibility in your child today if you want to check it out - I saw that you asked her. I'm planning on discussing my allowance plan for one of my children online this summer if you are interested! Let me know!

jessica said...

Um...that cobra freaks me out...I have this massive phobia of snakes. Had I passed THAT in any yard I probably would have died of a heart attack.

Just sayin.

Love the dragon, though. For some reason, those fire breathing lizards aren't scary...

maya said...

and lots more dragons!

Please don't tell your husband about me--I'm from Tamil Nadu, a state that borders Kerala, and I don't want to know how M wreaks vengeance ;).

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Andrea - It does hold water!

Missy - I've checked your site and can't wait for more on the topic.

Average Jane and Maya - Swoon. Trying to figure out 1)how I can fit that in our budget and 2)how I can fit that in our yard without Manoj noticing.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Jessica - Sadly, I am cackling at your comment. :-)

MLE said...

If I ever own a house with a lawn, I am TOTALLY going to have a lawn dragon. (Also, I hope the missing amphibian story has the least gross ending possible.)