November 13, 2009

A High Note.

First,  the giveaway ends this Sunday! Unless we share some common threads of DNA, the question begs - why have you not entered?


So.  About my post the other day.  I feel Better because writing does that for me.  Pulling words out of the scrambled eggs I have for brains and then organizing them into something, whatever that may be, helps me.  However,  I hate leaving a misty post up like that for too long.   Still, years from now as I cringe through certain posts, I will be grateful that I posted the last one.  Some things, you do need to remember.

I did talk to J and it was a good conversation.  We had a good laugh over my innovative (!) idea for the setup of a detoxification chamber in her front entry.  And I let her giggle at my notion of packing the kids up for a 3 day roadtrip (I was serious.)   Okay, okay, so all of my grand brilliance was snuffed, but she did ask me for a few favors.  Which was such a relief.

Note to Everyone: If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are seriously ill and your friends ask if they can do something?  Don't hesitate to ask for something.  Anything.

My task involves some research for her - she cannot leave her house now and will be sealed up for the winter like a bear for the winter.  I am glad that I can be of some (limited) use to her.  All hail the Internet!

Speaking of the Internet and all things including wires and tubes - I am officially declaring the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Texting as the things I am grateful for right now.  It is really easy to talk smack about Technology.  Yes, yes.  Cold, barren, faceless Technology gets such a bad rap and as a parent, I read article after article about effective ways in which I can protect my precious progeny from its steely grasp.

I have a specific, long-time friend who would definitely not be my friend if it were not for email.  I did a summer internship in the summer of 1995.  It was a brief summer and I went back to school on my merry way.  I made a friend at that internship and I tapped out emails via my Unix-based Pinemail account to her intermittently throughout the fall of 1995.  There is no way we would have kept in touch otherwise.  Quite simply, we are not phone friends and to this day, we rarely talk on the phone.  Furthermore, she was working full-time, married, living in Kansas City while I was a grad student living in Lawrence and club-hopping my weekends away.  We had completely different lives at the time, but email was a simple, casual way to keep in contact with someone I thought was fun and interesting.

That friend was Goofy-Girl, my Very First Friend As a Result of Technology and when we first began texting each other as an added communication, I could not help but chuckle.   Goofy-Girl is an important friend to me and since Goofy-Girl, I have made many more friends who have become integral in my life.  Friends that I call, text or email with good news or sad news.  Friends with whom I was set up by a sly, matchmaking Technology.

The next time you see someone banging on poor, downtrodden Technology, remember that there is a still a real, live human behind it.



meno said...

It is a kindness to your friends to let them help you. So really you are helping them!

Goofy Girl said...

Well, I suppose it's fitting that I leave you a comment. And not call. But I may text you. Or tweet at you. Or... okay, you get the picture. We have just always been so darn busy that it's hard to keep in touch WITHOUT technology. Love it! (virtual hugs to you!)

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

I would like to duly note for everyone that Goofy Girl has never hugged me in person. See! Technology can be cuddly, too!

Amira @ Define "Mature" said...

You are so right about finally appreciating technology. I was the same way, in fact, it took me FOREVER to warm up to facebook and now I'm checking it almost everyday.

Live long technology! (but not too long because then they would take over the world and before you know it we'll all be slaves to the master computer and have robots telling us what to do and when... APOCALYPSE!)

Goofy Girl said...

Cagey - you're totally getting a big ole schmoopy hug the next time I see you! :-)

aibee said...

Someone needs to explain Facebook to me (a lecture series? a How-To tutorial? Hold my hand?) because I STILL don't get it, wah.

I mean, farm animals, cocktails, effing VAMPIRE WARS??

WTF, y'all. Repeat on that: WTF??

oddpolytropos said...

My husband hates social technology--Facebook, Twitter, the whole nine, even though he grudgingly keeps up with email.

But he loooooves YouTube. He's become a guitar weenie in his old age, and he's been spending hours watching archival footage and artist interviews and comparisons of different types of guitars.

Who are the people who upload all that stuff to YouTube, and where did they get it?