June 16, 2008

How do you have sex if your kids don't watch TV?

I mean, I guess that is all noble and shit that parents go TV Free to save their children's eternal souls, but man, oh man. At this point, I should be sending the kindly folks at Pixar a fruit basket.

The truth is that I am a bit of an animation snob/buff/aficionado. Whatever you call it, I LOVE animation (Sidenote: as much as I love PBS and Sprout on terms of principle, I can hardly stand to watch most of the stuff they show because the animation makes my eyeballs deflate. Noddy? How about naughty?)

My kids came into this world already in possession of a full complement of animation, cartoons, collections of animation film festivals, etc. So, YES, my kid has seen the Cars movie about 30 times now. And I have sat and watched it with him nearly all of those 30 times. I still snort at nearly every line of Tow Mater's and I still get teary-eyed at the ending. Sue me.

Last week, when I got all Linky Lovey Dovey, that post certainly did not include everyone who contacted me. I truly hope I did not hurt anyone's feelings if I forgot their link. And again, I really appreciated all the kind thoughts. Truly.

When the initial horror after Bad News fades, morbid thoughts eventually turn to brighter ones. I believe in some circles it is known as "hope" and "optimism". Now, I cannot imagine that anything bad will happen to my friend. A bit of an ostrich mentality, perhaps.

We went to the Day With Thomas event in Baldwin on Friday. It was awesome! The Double A's had so much fun, it was well worth the $37 ($15 per ticket, $7 service fee). They had tons of free activities that made it worth it - a bouncy house and slide, a magician, a petting zoo (with kangaroo, camel, laamas, monkey, etc.) and a tent filled with train tables for the kids to play with. We spent nearly an hour in that tent alone and Arun played with every single set there. The only bad thing is that I despise the Thomas music. The very same music blaring throughout the venue and the train ride. It makes me grateful that as much as Arun loves playing with his Thomas trains, he doesn't really enjoy watching the TV show that much.

Anyway, the day was exhausting - the venue wasn't stroller friendly because of the mud and the day was really, really humid. I was a sweaty mess after carrying the kids everywhere. But, it was totally worth it watching the expressions on their faces and it was good for me to get out and about. We will definitely be heading back down to Baldwin to ride the train again on a non-Thomas day.


Moderndayhermit said...

We love the movie Cars in this house. Rich and I watch it just as often as the boy and I also get teary-eyed at the end, lol. Glad to know I'm not the only one ;).

My boys (both of them) collect all the vehicles from Cars and I even have some of the favorites on my desk:


Hook. Line. Sinker.

Anonymous said...

I (not the kids) have been watching the Disney movies on Wonderful World of Disney on Saturday nights - I love them so much. Unfortunately as the big girls got older and their movie tastes got older, we got rid of almost all of our animated movies so now with Tyler, we, I mean I have an excuse to go buy them again.

I thought of you all when I heard about the Thomas event. Glad you had fun!!!

Unknown said...

I can barely stand to watch noggin and sprout and even disney tv because the animation is so terrible. We've been collecting older cartoons to watch. Just this weekend we introduced Snow White. What a trip to hear that warbly princess voice. We also recently watched Peter Pan, but it was SO racist. I was a little shocked, because you know it wasn't like we were watching Song of the South.