February 6, 2008

Who's the boss?

I am supposed to be doing a post on the food blog today, but obviously I love you all Innernets more than the foodie Innernets. Just don't rat me out to the boss, 'kay?

For awhile, it was as if Arun had turned into some sort of Anderson Cooper with all his investigative reporting skillz. It was as if he had taken it on for his personal mission to apprise me of Every Single Damned Thing Happenin' which rendered all statements worthy of Headline Status....

Trees are GREEN! Look! A stop sign! Look! A firetruck!

Anju is crying! Baby is sad! Trees are GREEN! The sun is OUTSIDE!

Daddy is HOME. Trees are GREEN!

Now, he has gone all Tony Danza on me and is totally about the You're Not the Boss Of Me rigmarole. Alternatively, he also tries to show the cats and Anju who's boss as well. Throughout the day, I now hear "Be careful!" and "No, honey! No, HONNNey!" and "Anju all done eating mama's milk. ALL DONE." and "No, I do it! NO, I DO IT!" and my personal favorite "Dance, Anju, dance. Anju, DANCE." While it is sorta cute, I am tired of him telling me how to drive. Turn around, my ASS. I'll show you "turn around".

Okay - on to pictures.................

Design on a Dime. Literally.
Easily one of my favorite rooms in the house now, this will be winning me no design awards anytime soon, nor ever. Still, it is a cozy room and I love hanging out in it while we play or read books. Some of the sweetest and most giggly memories in my life have happened in this room.

No Pressure.


Anonymous said...

Hee... the idea of Arun the Carseat Driver makes me giggle.

MLE said...

If you're interested in other game options, may I suggest Apples to Apples, San Juan, Ticket to Ride, and Settlers of Catan? Oh, and Carcassone! Great games, and all somewhat different from the normal.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I can't believe he's already backseat driving you.

Spill it-who did he get it from. You or X?

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God.

We have to compare game closets some time.

And you guys have to move to Tucson and play games with us.

Diana said...

Wish I could tell you the back seat driving gets better, but at least in our car, every damn speed limit sign is hollered out as a news update. ("Mom! It's 45 mph! 45 Mom!")

I see why limos have that glass wall between the driver and passengers.

And, hey! We've that same dresser except it's got 5 drawers (the top 2 have the knob pulls). It was mine as a girl and now it's Sara's. Cool.

Christy said...

Porgie is in a bossy stage too. She is constantly bullying me to turn on the TV or to give her graham crackers or to brush her teeth. Although she is mainly speaking gibberish, it feels like she is yelling at me.

Mamma Sarah said...

Sounds like everyone's kids are hitting the bossy stage at the same time. :-) Alex just started that the other day... maybe something in the air.

We have got to meet some day. My husband has refused to play canasta since I beat him at it. Not to mention a game night would totally rock!!!

A. Nonny Mouse said...

Emily hasn't quite reached the Headline News stage yet, but OY! the questions!

If I trip, drop something, mutter something under my breath, start nursing, stop nursing, change sides, yell at the dog, you name it; Emily asks me something about it. "Mommy drop it? Lucy all done?"

Also: we received the same sailor duckie when Emily was born.

Colleen said...

Did I spy come Curious George pics on the wall? We love George in our house! You have an excellent array of games....so when are you hosting a game night??

Rozanne said...

That first photo of Anjali just lying on her back in the middle of the room is really cracking me up for some reason!