October 12, 2006

Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?

I don't know the answer, but my own little infant's days are numbered in that category. T minus 3 days, ya'll. Yikes. Actually, it's not that bad. Yeah, I was a little sad to put his teeny summer outfits away knowing that he will never, ever wear them again, but then he turns around and does the funniest crap. Lately? He discovered the Alphabet magnets on the fridge and screetches in joy taking them off and on. Over and over and over. But then, I turn around and catch him putting random, non-magnetic things on the fridge and watching them slide down - which apparently, can be equally entertaining. Also, because of the TMX Elmo, Arun expects the same "cause and effect" from his other toys, so I frequently catch him pummeling his other stuffed animals in the bellies expecting them to giggle as well. Anyway, as long he keeps getting more and more entertaining? He can keep growing up. That's the dealio in this Parenting Gig, I guess.

In Other News, my Romance with High Fructose Corn Syrup and Red No. 40 has officially begun. We begin our yearly Love Affair around mid-October every year, only to watch it die a in a fiery crash of blood sugar around the 1st week of November. Um, yeah.....I dug into the Halloween candy. So sue me.

In Other, Other News, I am almost done with Arun's 1st Halloween Party planning. The bad thing is that my sister totally guilted me into baking actual cupcakes. Like, you know - buying a mix, and what? MIXING it, I guess and then sticking it in the oven and leaving it to Fate......sigh...... I am NOT a baker. I like things that can be stirred and messed with which translates into " Baking is SO not for a Control Freak like me". The other thing about this party is that I am most certainly definitely getting on the ball in time next year to rent a space. It is totally weird for me that certain friends will not be there Saturday. I just didn't have the space, but it is still weird.

In Other, Other, Other News, Arun slept through the night for the first time EVER last night. From 8 pm to 7:30 am. Weird. He's been sleeping more and more in his crib for the past week or so - easily to 3:30 or 4:30 am. Before that, for the past few months, he's been making it to midnight or so. It's getting so he sleeps better in his crib than in our bed. I am fine either way. Yeah, I miss him, but I went into co-sleeping with Eyes Wide Open knowing that someday he would move out. Besides, the getting up during the night thing never bothered me since I have always been the type of sleeper that can get up and go right back down. And once I learned how to nurse in bed, I haven't been sleep deprived since about Week 3. However, I'll admit it was the NO NAPPING that was driving me slightly insane. Okay, maybe A LOT insane. Regardless, I feel compelled to report this New Turn of Sleeping Events because I think there is WAY TOO MUCH pressure on parents that they MUST do things RIGHT from early on or they will forever EVER ruin their child for Healthy Sleep Habits. Like, if you fuck it up in the first 6 months, your kid will not be able to sleep in his dorm room type of shit. Do not pass Go and do not even fucking THINK about your 200 bucks, you Parenting Idiot. I am here to report that it is NOT fucking true. Our modus operandi from Day 1 with Arun was to do Whatever Affords Us the Most Shut-Eye. This became a complicated tango involving swings, carseats, bouncey seats and walking. Loads of walking. Did I mention walking?? Anyway, we'll see if we get a Repeat Performance, but either way, I am Golden because GOOD LORD, the Boy NAPS. And that's good enough for me.

Nothing special about this snap. When I was downloading some images, I noticed this on the display screen and thought it was cute. I just lurve Mr. Bean. I have seen the episodes over and over and over but they still make me snort every time. Oh. And solid proof that I truly adore my son?? I actually LET HIM PLAY with my Beloved Mr. Bean Car. Although, I'll admit that Arun hasn't quite graduated to my Wallace and Gromit toys, er... COLLECTIBLES. ahem.

I carved a pumpkin tonight and since I bought a handy-dandy pumpkin scraper thingie, it WAS FUN. Oh. Wait. I didn't carve a pumpkin FOR MYSELF. Of course, NOT. I did it for my son so that he can file that away with all of his other Perfect Childhood Memories. No, sirree. I didn't carve that there pumpkin for MYSELF. It was for HIM. Yet another sacrifice offered up in the Name of Arun.


Lisa said...

The title of your post cracked me up. I can't believe your beautiful little man has his birthday in just a few days! That year went by fast!

Anonymous said...

Love the emoticon pumpkin!!!

Leah said...

1.) I love you. Because according to our pediatrician, you'd think that by having the baby co-sleep and nap (the few naps she will actually take) in her bouncy I'm going to have to go to college with her and sleep in the dorm room.

2.) Is it bad that it took reading Jane's comment to realize that was an emoticon? I just though it was a funny sideways pumpkin. Sometimes I'm a tad slow on the uptake.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Is this where I confess that I didn't start the religious rendition of Goodnight Moon and other books until just a few months ago? The primary reason for that rant was not really to advocate co-sleeping, but rather to advocate that parents should do whatever works for their family, their baby, their situation. However, it's hard to fly in the face of your doctor. Hang in there.

FFF said...

Love the emoticon pumpkin! But, I confess, I had to figure it out from the comments too.

Cute story about Arun punching his other stuffed animals in the tummy. My kid doesn't know you play with stuffed animals. He thinks they are for sleeping, so he puts his head down on the floor whenever you give him one.

We have those alphabet magnets too and the Leap Frog Fridge farm, and I find those damn things all over the house, casually tossed on the floor.

Modern Day Hermit said...

Wow, 3 more days! Whoo hoo!!! It *is* strange to say, "I have a one year old."

Congrats on the all night sleeping!

Anonymous said...

I also didn't figure out the pumpkin until the comments - but I LOVE it! We always let the girls draw what they want and then we do the carving after they scrape it. We have had some pretty funny ones.

Congrats on the almost birthday! How much fun is that ???

Diana said...

Fabulous pumpkin! I love this time of year.